The Fat Pipe Opportunity: Expanding Fiber Footprints

By: Susana Schwartz

Speed and network quality are the top characteristics that drive enterprise CX and decisions about who to trust as a service provider for value-add services and more advanced technologies. That’s why CSPs continue invest heavily in long-haul, metro and last-mile fiber networks to businesses, cell towers and data centers. The enterprise market, replete with opportunity, is there for CSPs to develop if they continue to invest in the infrastructure and ICT products and services that will build enterprise trust and move them toward more advanced digital services…

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Managing Complexity in Dev/Test Infrastructure with Machine Learning

By: Ajay Gulati

Businesses are increasingly developing software solutions that can drive innovation and digital transformation. As the number of developers increases in the organization, the ratio of developers to IT also increases over time. The net result: more dynamic and complex development and testing (dev/test) infrastructure requirements and slower support from IT. Developers and testers often cannot get their hands-on infrastructure environments in a timely manner to accelerate delivery of software applications to their customers…

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SD-WAN & Hybrid-WAN Solutions for CSPs

By: Tim Young

How’s your WAN looking these days? Chances are, it’s looking a lot smarter than it did a few years ago thanks to the growth of SD-WAN, the distribution of traffic across a wide area network through software-defined networking (SDN).It makes a lot of sense, especially for enterprises managing a wide array of branch offices utilizing every conceivable access technology. There’s still a little bit of confusion out there about how SD-WAN relates to Hybrid WAN, and it’s best to think of SD-WAN as a way to enable and enhance a high-performing Hybrid WAN…

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The Winter of NFV: The Missing Ingredient for Success

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

There are indications that we have entered the Winter of NFV.  This is occurring because the CSP’s and their associated large vendors are trying to implement NFV, but they are missing a key ingredient. What is needed is end-to-end visibility of the entire network. The way to provide it is through innovative orchestration software. The problem is most people are still operating from a mechanical mindset, and software is fundamentally different from mechanical machines. To be successful today, CSPs must move away from the mechanical mindset…

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The Network 2020: Gearing Up for 5G

By: Richard Ventura

While 5G is set to make its commercial debut around 2020, the jury is still out on precisely when we will see true 5G available across a widespread area, but businesses in just about every industry are already dreaming about the possibilities.  In basic terms, 5G will provide broadband-like data speeds from anywhere, making content and data streaming nearly seamless, and opening the door to video consumption virtually anywhere and everywhere, on any device, without a broadband connection. If 5G meets its ambitious goals, we can expect very low latency, high bandwidth, greater availability, faster speeds, and more consistent coverage…

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Disrupt. Or be Disrupted.

By: David Walsh

How we communicate is being as disrupted as everything else we do. CSPs have figured this out and are taking advantage of these new opportunities. Those who do not transform and drive the disruption will be obliterated by the digital revolution.As the pace of global connectivity continues to accelerate, it’s time for communications industry leaders to look far beyond their traditional networks and services. They must not only recognize the challenges, but act to leverage the massive opportunities opening up in this increasingly digital world…

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Real Time: The New Mantra for the Agile and Smart Networks

By: John Brooks (old)

Telecommunications customers are increasingly categorized by one phrase: real-time. Whether “real time” relates to products, services, overall experience, or other factors, the single point of intersection between an operator and its customers is its network. The network drives customer experience, satisfaction, retention, revenue growth, and in untoward situations, churn.  To meet this real-time challenge, networks must now become agile, smart, and far less expensive to maintain and grow…

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Managed Services Drive Business Opportunities for Hosting Providers

By: Horst Haag

The global colocation market is expected to be worth $51.8 billion by 2020. As it becomes less attractive for enterprise IT to own data centers, the trend for outsourcing or obtainment through cloud services or infrastructure-as-a-service continues. Consequently, the demand for multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs) is expected to soar. Today, however, there is a distinct shift in what customers expect from a colocation provider. It’s no longer about space and power, as these services have been commoditized…

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Solving the Challenges of 5G Indoor Connectivity

By: Slavko Djukic

It’s hard to escape talk about 5G these days, even as 4G becomes more robust. Thanks to carrier aggregation, mobile network operators can leverage a number of separate LTE carriers in order to increase the peak user data rates and overall capacity of their networks, as well as exploit fragmented spectrum allocations. This will help the industry squeeze more capabilities out of 4G over the next few years. This current state of boosted 4G LTE as LTE-Advanced+ is a prelude to what will eventually become 5G, at least from the network speed perspective…

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How NFV Can Enable 'Pay-as-you-Protect' Network Protection

By: Nicolas St. Pierre

The Challenge The scale of malicious attacks against communications service providers (CSPs) is increasing at a frightening pace. According to a report from Arbor Networks report, in the first half of 2016, the peak DDoS attack size reached 579Gbps, up 73 percent from 2015. There were 46 attacks over 200Gbps monitored in the first half of 2016, versus 16 during all of 2015. Meanwhile, despite massive growth in attack size at the top end, 80 percent of all attacks are still less than 1Gbps. Tier-1 CSPs understand first-hand that legacy network protection solutions, such as those for DDoS attacks, create enormous inefficiencies, as they require proprietary hardware that is scaled for the rare peaks (579Gbps) and that otherwise either sit idle or are massively overprovisioned as they battle much smaller attacks (1Gbps)…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

“Every now and then a man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Tab There’s a common misconception about the concept of evolution: that it has a purpose in mind, an end-goal. There’s a notion that as organisms evolve they, by definition, improve and become more sophisticated. And in many cases, that’s true, but not necessarily because of any grand design. At least not that we know of…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Susana Schwartz

In CSP News...Deutsche Telekom has launched the the first Global, Enterprise Network powered by the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena), offering its corporate customers rapidly deployable network connections and services. All ngena partners share their networks and connect them to a global, highly standardized network that is based on state-of-the-art technology that is managed by software. As such, multinational corporate customers can roll out corporate networks and data connections as virtual private networks much faster than before…

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