The Power of Innovation

By: Scott St. John, Tim Young

“If I have a thousand ideas,” Alfred Nobel once mused, “and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.”

While his most famous invention… dynamite… went on to do both good and bad things, there is no question that it was an important advancement, and that it changed the face of the 19th and 20th centuries. And this was possible because he was willing to risk failure to accomplish something unique that would have an impact so great, it would change the face of history.

This willingness to reinvent and try new solutions for new challenges is the soul of innovation, and innovation drives our industry and our society to new heights of inter-connectivity and productivity. Sometimes these innovations are born of necessity—evolve or perish—while others are the product of serendipity, frustration, insight, or another of the countless catalysts that lead carriers or vendors to transform.

No matter the motivating factor, we here at Pipeline are in a unique position to honor the very best in innovation in the world of integrated communication and entertainment (ICE) technology. Nowhere is our commitment to innovation on more vivid display than in our Pipeline Innovation Awards program.

This year's Innovation Awards program is in full swing, and this year’s nominations are nothing short of fascinating. To date, nearly 150 nominations from more than 70 companies have been evaluated in ten categories of innovation ranging from “Innovations in Customer Experience” to “Most Innovative Operator." The companies nominated are service provider and technology development companies of all sizes hailing from six different continents representing the leading edge of technical advancement in our industry.

Each year the program attracts the most innovative technology companies who seek the program's unique, target-market validation of their innovation. Companies are nominated by Pipeline, their technology providers, customers, and partners. Contestants completed an in-depth and painstaking submission questionnaire designed to expose innovations within their companies, products and technology and identify the precise nature of the innovations for which they were nominated. Submissions include detailed technical information and measurements around the impact their technical developments have on the industry and the way we communicate as a global, networked society. Contestants also often include volumes of supporting material, including return-on-investment metrics, case studies, whitepapers, presentations and videos to reinforce their nomination. 

We go to great lengths to distinguish the Pipeline Innovation Awards from other programs by ensuring it is the most credible recognition of innovation in the industry.


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