Leveraging Cloud for Home to Grow
Service Revenue Amid 5G Rollouts

Delivering on the promise of data protection will set providers apart from competitors and position them as true stewards of security.

Cost savings

A cloud for home solution is an excellent option for cost-conscious mobile users who prefer to purchase less expensive, low-storage devices. Because the low latency of 5G delivers what is essentially real-time accessibility to cloud-based data, users can offload data that normally would reside on their device but at a fraction of the cost of that high-storage device. It’s a win for subscribers watching their budget but desiring new 5G devices and a win for operators who gain new cloud for home subscribers who choose more reasonably priced smartphones and tablets.

Automatic backup

The low latency of 5G also allows for nearly instantaneous movement of data between a device and the cloud. This enables users to upload or download large files and stream high-definition videos directly from the cloud without experiencing delays, buffering, or time gaps. Reliable, high-speed backup of all types of content, efficient organization, and super-fast data retrieval are just some of the new and exciting possibilities with 5G. Digital data can be automatically backed up when the device is charging so that users never have to worry about losing their family photos and videos, copies of legal documents, and contact phone numbers. Best of all, a cloud for home solution can be accessed from non-mobile connected devices, giving users access to their photos, videos, documents and more from laptops and smart TVs as well.

Unlock 5G Opportunities and Own the Home with Cloud

Overall, a cloud for home solution enables service providers to unlock the full potential of 5G and fixed wireless services. Operators now have the opportunity to deliver richer services that complement their connectivity capabilities, meet consumer demands, and improve sharing experience across devices and between individuals.

Drive higher ARPU

With millions of active users leveraging the cloud, it is the ideal channel for cross-selling security services, insurance, and shared storage plans, leading to a significant increase in average revenue per unit (ARPU). As the majority of mobile users value what’s on their device more than the device itself, subscribers are willing to pay a little extra for total data protection, privacy, and peace of mind. That being said, operators are uniquely positioned to grow service revenue by bundling network security services and insurance plans with cloud to offer total protection plans.

Differentiate rate plans

As 5G rollouts pick up momentum, the need for operators to bundle cloud in unlimited plans is crucial. The addition of cloud as an included value-added service to these higher-tier rate plans enables operators to differentiate packages through enhanced offerings as well as drive adoption and upgrades. As a result, operators will have new ways to create, deliver, engage, and monetize more personalized experiences and offers for their subscribers.

Reduce churn

A cloud solution can keep subscribers engaged and emotionally connected to a brand through flashbacks and highlights. Additionally, offering a seamless TV casting capability will allow subscribers to easily display and share their favorite photos and videos with family and friends from any smart TV in the home. As service providers continue to deliver greater value and exceed customer expectations, they will reduce churn and build customer loyalty.

Deliver on your promise

Offering shared cloud storage across multiple devices makes it easy to manage digital content and safeguard important family documents such as insurance policies, deeds, home surveys, and birth certificates in one central location. The creation of password-protected folders that are only accessible via PIN or biometrics guarantees the security of those documents and mitigates the risk of sensitive information being stolen by cybercriminals. Delivering on the promise of data protection will set providers apart from competitors and position them as true stewards of security.


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