Accelerating Your Sustainability Strategy

By: Sarwar Khan

A recent report by the UN has shown that there is no credible pathway to the 1.5ºC target set out in Paris in 2015. The impact of this will be catastrophic. Corporations need to move faster and we’re seeing many of them act. Companies around the world are being held more accountable for their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives by customers, employees, shareholders, governments, and regulators. Rising consumer demand for sustainability is driving a change in corporate attitudes across many sectors…

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Enabling Connectivity with Express
Lanes for the World’s Data

By: Noah Drake

The next time you’re riding along a highway or traveling by train, take note of how similar the nation’s transportation infrastructure is to the foundation of a global telecommunications network. Across the country, there are different types of roads and highways with varying speed limits and numbers of lanes. Passenger vehicles take people from point A to point B, as they go to work or visit family and friends. Commercial trucks deliver products to stores. In parallel, a national railroad grid works with the over-the-road transit system…

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Carrier OSS/BSS Upgrade: Dial “B” For Blockchain

By: April Taylor

Telecom carriers have operated with antiquated back-office systems for too long while struggling to automate cost reconciliation and financial assurance. The result is overlooked claims, time-intensive disputes, accrual mishaps, and revenue blockage. The reactive patchwork method of approaching change by layering swivel-chair fixes to processes and systems creates new problems. The financial, operational, and emotional impacts on all parties dealing with issues stemming from this environment constrict growth…

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Preparing for the Metaverse

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

The metaverse will create a set of new demands on our communications systems that are different from what previous changes in technology and living conditions created. The advent of the metaverse will bring stringent demands for reduced latency that will accelerate a move away from Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which may result in a return to circuit switching or something similar. There is likely to be a stream of new standards and products that have a foundation drawing heavily on circuit-switched concepts…

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The Silent Revolution in Enterprise
Supply Chain Collaboration

By: Bernd Baier, Alexander Paulus

We often do not fully recognize how subtle changes can shift paradigms over a longer period of time. Supply chains have been in the spotlight since COVID, providing an opportunity to shine a light on how many small changes and developments over time have silently and fundamentally changed the way supply chain systems are operated. Global supply chains have been on the top of consumers’ minds and, more so, a significant headache for producers, especially since the recent disruptions. Supply chain issues may not be temporary but rather systematic and more permanent than many anticipated…

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Leveraging Cloud for Home to Grow
Service Revenue Amid 5G Rollouts

By: Serge Verba

Mobile users want anytime, anywhere access to digital content. As 5G picks up momentum and data from fixed wireless services increases, service providers are uniquely positioned to become the trusted end-to-end solution of total protection services for subscribers both at home and on the go. Now more than ever, consumers rely on smartphones and devices to store personal information, from photos and videos to vaccination cards and contacts. Service providers must offer a secure and reliable way to protect that data…

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Taking the Operational Data Shortcut
with Analytics Query Acceleration

By: Nick Jewell

According to McKinsey, all companies will use data to optimize their decision-making processes for their employees by 2025, powering workflows and improving delivery. Economist Impact found that 90 percent of businesses think that adopting a data-driven approach to decisions will be a strategic imperative for them in the future. Instead of remaining the preserve of leadership teams and data scientists, however, this approach will span everyone across the organization. Whatever role someone works in, data can and should be applied to help them work more efficiently and improve the quality of decisions…

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Understanding Essential Data Center Security Needs

By: Rafael Possamai

Data centers are the core that allow our world to remain connected. The safety, security, and privacy of the information and connections within these facilities must be guarded and protected in several ways. The three main areas of data center security typically focus on physical and cyber security along with best practices data center operators should consider when it comes to overall security. Physical security leverages remote and on-site monitoring, well-designed buildings, biometric scanning, badged access control, and more…

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Advancing Inclusion with AI
and Real-Time Captioning

By: Alex Kozlov

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services transcribe words into text or captions as they are spoken during a classroom lecture, business meeting, public speech, sports event, or arts performance. For people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, aren’t fluent in English, or have auditory processing disorders, CART services are essential to enable basic understanding and participation. In addition, by providing written documentation of an event in real time, CART enhances accuracy and information retention…

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The Advantage of Managed Networking
and Security in Uncertain Times

By: Dennis Monner

The economy continues to teeter on the brink of a recession with some experts believing we’ve already reached that point depending upon the geo. While gross domestic product has dropped the past two quarters—the traditional marker of a recession—a strong labor market and corporate earnings growth has delayed the label (figure 1 below). Recessions impact all corners of a business—and the information technology department is not exempt. Even the threat of a recession alone can dramatically impact how a company operates…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

As we enter the final stretch of 2022, it’s good to stop for a moment and assess where we are. Take our collective temperature, if you will. This shouldn’t necessarily be anything new, as for the last two years we’ve had to take our temperature to leave the house, enter schools, offices, and a whole host of other places. But it’s good to know when we are well, and when we’re not – in order to make the necessary adjustments. So, how are we doing?  The results are a bit mixed. Quite literally, our global temperature is rising…

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Technology Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

As we enter the closing weeks of 2022, the Pipeline team is monitoring the top trends and news stories of the year. In cybersecurity news, 99,506 potential incidents were investigated and triaged by CyberSOC teams. New studies found that the 6 GHz high-frequency range could significantly increase bandwidth and data speeds for 5G mobile communications. The FCC has released its Equity and Diversity Council report. The latest mobile technologies are anticipated to improve connectivity across Africa, to support digital projects in healthcare, agriculture, education, and financial services…

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