Top Telco Digital CX Complaints Solved

Complaint #2: Lack of Omnichannel Customer Experience

A holistic approach is needed to manage digital customer experience. As part of their digital transformation, telcos must be able to deliver personalized content to customers across every channel, at each stage of their journeys. 

To create omnichannel customer experiences, telcos must be able to create 360-degree customer profile views. These are comprehensive profiles based on aggregated information and personal data such as purchase history, digital behavior, and intelligence gathered from customers’ activities across the venues they visit.

Telcos can combine the data they collect with demographic and psychographic data available from companies like TowerData, Experian, Melissa Data, and other third-party data brokers. By doing so, they put themselves in the position of owning the richest data that service providers have ever possessed about customers. The depth of data they collect will enable them to feed the most accurate predictive and prescriptive analytics models as well as identify anomalies before they become major issues.

Complaint #3: Lack of Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences are a hot topic in most consumer-facing industries these days, and the telecom market is no exception. Key benefits of personalized experiences include driving impulse purchases, increased revenue, and enhanced loyalty.

  • Customers are more inclined to buy items they did not intend to if they receive a personalized recommendation from the brand they are doing business with.
  • When it comes to increased revenue, the wins are big for companies willing to personalize the customer’s experience. Consumers have proven that they often purchase more expensive products and services than they planned to because of receiving personalized service.
  • Personalization can have a long-tail effect, too: consumers are more likely to repeat a purchase after a personalized shopping experience.

So, if opportunities for both consumers and brands are so great, why are telcos failing to deliver on it?

The answer is quite simple. Most digital customer experience orchestration solutions are inadequate and lack the ability to conduct session replays.

Imagine having a 360-degree digital analytics solution in play. This type of technology records all aspects of a customer’s journey from inception to abandonment. It indicates where customers landed on the website, which pages they looked at, how long they stayed, and when they were lost in the conversion funnel. By visualizing customer journeys, it becomes easy for telcos to pinpoint precisely why visitors abandon their browsing, shopping, or interest in a company’s products or services.

It has been said that everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight. Now that same thinking has been applied to the creation of a website customer experience that tracks user behavior for the benefit of both the telco provider and the client. Sometimes, it’s not the products or services that a carrier is offering that are problematic. It may not even be the price. The issue is often the website itself: Is it creating a user-friendly experience? Why are visitors abandoning their shopping carts at specific points in time? Are the calls to action (CTAs) ineffective? Is the shopping process too complicated? Are there too many steps required in the registration process for new users? These types of aspects can easily be evaluated and rectified through session replays.

The type of software that is capable of such in-depth reporting, big data capturing, and funnel analysis can be used to great effect with big data infrastructures and analytics, and to generate proactive insights. These types of systems offer a 360° digital analytics solution to e-commerce platforms.

The data does not simply scrutinize one dimension of a customer’s browsing activity. Instead, it is a fully comprehensive perspective—and therein lies the benefit for businesses. By using automatic insight solutions for PC, Mac and mobile, it is possible to completely understand what goes on from a customer’s perspective. Businesses can then create better landing pages, homepages, checkout options, calls to action, customer service functionality and more, optimizing the customer’s user experience and ensuring repeat business.

The benefits are clear. The cost of doing nothing is also clear: telcos must make excellent digital CX a strategic imperative or continue to lose revenue and marketshare to OTTs and other disruptors.


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