Navigating the Hybrid Journey

By: Jezzibell Gilmore, Chad Milam

Steve had spent years growing, optimizing, and downright coddling his server farm. It was almost where he wanted it. A few more months and he’d have everything perfect. Then Steve got the orders that thousands of IT managers have gotten from their management over the last several years: migrate everything to the cloud. No! Not when he was so close! What was Steve to do? Abandon his beloved servers? Unfortunately, the direction from management was unequivocal. Cloud is where the company wanted, and needed, to be…

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The Evolution to 5G

By: Mike Wolfe

5G wireless technology is coming rapidly, but mobile network operators (MNOs) have billions invested in 4G networks, and those networks will, in many cases, form the basis of 5G networks. So how do 4G networks evolve to support 5G? We know that 5G will deliver about ten times the throughput of 4G, and that it will likely use higher frequencies, but how do we get from 4G to 5G? In this article, we’ll look at the fundamental changes that will occur during the transition from 4G to 5G. Network Densification » read this article

Optimizing Video In The Era Of Streaming Wars

By: Indranil Chatterjee

The promise of increased bandwidth and low latency made possible by 5G networks is contributing to a massive increase in the development of new mobile video technologies and streaming services designed specifically for 5G networks. But even as excitement builds among mobile operators over the revenue potential from new 5G video services, they also have to account for the new challenges those services will create. And while video will become even more important in a 5G network, the types of video supported will change dramatically…

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Raising Artificial Intelligence

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., Joel Holland, Bill Yeack

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently experiencing a growth spurt. Just as when children go through growth spurts, it is helpful to be able to understand what is happening in the context of the overall development process. And, just like in a teenager, the growth spurt brings significant benefits but also limitations and dangers. Understanding this is key to being able to make the right decisions. So, if someone tells you that they have the ultimate AI that will solve all your problems, ask them the following questions: How do you fit in AI’s evolutionary path? What is the cycle time or bias for training relative to the cycle time of the underlying problem? How do you handle the data scale problem? AI’s Evolutionary Path One senior person in the field says that there is a new academic paper on AI published every minute…

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5G Network Automation

By: Shamik Mishra

5G is finally here. Well, almost. After all the hype, operators are slowly but surely deploying the technology. And they are turning to automation to address the demands placed on the network from the explosive growth of data and devices. The ability to scale services quickly and flexibly is the key to success—and network automation provides operators that capability. That is easier said than done. All too often, operators have ‘reactive automation’—a rules-based system that springs into action after a failure…

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Opening Up New Possibilities with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Technologies

By: Martha Suarez

As the industry looks to deploy 5G and faster connectivity, dynamic spectrum sharing technologies are playing a crucial role in the development of future networks. With the next-generation of Wi-Fi, named Wi-Fi 6, sharing spectrum models like the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the U.S. and the Internet of Things (IoT) just around the corner, dynamic spectrum access will enable new kinds of networks and allow the participation of new stakeholders, opening up new opportunities for the industry and better connectivity for the users…

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Why the Cable Landing Station Matters

By: Gil Santaliz

Traditionally quiet places that are seldom visited, the Cable Landing Station (CLS) is supposed to serve one purpose: to be a point where very expensive equipment transitions a subsea cable, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, to a terrestrial cable that then provides connectivity to a major population center. Normally, this traditional terrestrial cable has two routes to ensure uptime to the hub, designed that way in case one is compromised. Once it reaches the hub, it fans across an entire continent…

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Obstacles to Zero-touch Automation

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

On September 9 and 10, Deutsche Telekom (DT) brought together a number of forward-thinking people in the telco industry to discuss automated orchestration at the Zero Touch Conference in Bonn, Germany. The conference demonstrated that the basic automation requirements and technical terminology are now well understood. The conference demonstrated that many Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) senior management is not ready to take the concrete steps to automation. The reluctance is centered around these three areas of confidence: Compelling business caseSmart investments in technologyViable supplier ecosystem Conference participants seemed to agree that there is not yet the commitment by CSP management required to make the changes necessary to automate…

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Evaluating SD-WAN Service Providers

By: Ashwath Nagaraj

As the pace of migration to the cloud increases, enterprise executives are looking to expert partners to effect digital transformation. It’s essential to make the right choice, which of course starts with knowing what to look for in your partner. When evaluating an SD-WAN service provider as part of a digital transformation initiative, enterprises must consider three essential factors before making a purchase decision. The service provider under evaluation must be able to guarantee agility, application performance, and network security…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John

Autumn is here, and it's a reminder of the natural evolution surrounding all of us. The perpetual cycle between the old and new; death and rebirth; what was and what will be.There is no finality to this cycle. It's a natural, incremental refinement of what is and what will become.  Some things—from individuals, to species, to technology and enterprises—will cease to be; as they are no longer integral to the natural order.  Others will evolve and thrive, incorporating the adaptability to a changing environment with a deep-rooted instinct to survive and the wisdom that could only be gained though a tangible experience with the past…

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By: Scott St. John

As autumn falls upon us, September and early October have brought a bevy of headlines on 5G, mergers and acquisitions, efforts to close the digital divide, and advancements in smart manufacturing and connected car technology. The FCC announced new funding topping $121 billion to expand broadband connectivity for homes and businesses in rural areas. 5G arrived at Gatwick Airport in London thanks to Vodafone, and in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York thanks to Sprint. Among many other headlines, new research by Dell’Oro Group and TMT Finance capture the pace of growth and change in the telecom market…

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