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Oracle released their new Enterprise Communications Platform. By seamlessly connecting Oracle industry applications to networks and IoT devices to extend their value, ECP enables organizations to reimagine how they do business.

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In this month's AI & Analytics News, Deutsche Telekom presented a visionary AI phone concept at MWC 2024 together with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and An assistant based on artificial intelligence replaces the countless apps on the smartphone. Like a concierge, the assistant understands your goals and takes care of the details. James Cook University Singapore, the first international campus of James Cook University Australia, deployed Juniper Network’s cloud-delivered wireless access solutions driven by Mist AI for upgrades to its campus network. With the Juniper Access Points, JCU Singapore has built an AI-driven wireless network that supports its drive towards creating a technology-enhanced education program, delivering seamless blended learning experiences for its students.

Cradlepoint's new comprehensive AI functionality will make 5G networks smarter, simpler, and more secure. Cradlepoint is the first enterprise 5G router vendor to adopt an AI model uniquely focused on cellular networking. Organizations are also able to embrace the productivity benefits of generative AI tools without the risk of data leakage through a security service acquired from Ericom. CrowdStrike has become a founding member of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium, demonstrating its commitment to the advancement and promotion of responsible AI. The AISIC will act as a collaborative platform where both public sector and private stakeholders will help shepherd standards and techniques around the broader implementation and development of trustworthy AI.

Nokia launched MX Workmate, a suite of operational technology-compliant tools that makes it easier for industrial workers to interact with industrial machines. MX Workmate leverages generative AI and large language module technologies to generate contextual, human-like language that is content based. Companies using ProvisionAi's AutoO2 load optimization solution removed 88,000 trucks from the road in 2023. The goal for 2024 is to remove 188,000 trucks, further reducing carbon emissions and helping companies meet their cost and sustainability goals.

It seemed as though every company at this year's MWC showcased a generative AI application of some kind. MYCOM OSI's new generative AI-based expert application concept GenAIe offers natural language based real-time advice and predictive insights, democratizing network data for the CSP's business and operations users to gain insights for enhanced customer experience, higher operational efficiency, and data monetization.

CrowdStrike announced the general availability of Charlotte AI and Falcon for IT, as well as new innovations to Falcon Data Protection, to unify Security and IT, unleash the power of GenAI, and minimize the data exposure risks associated with commercial GenAI tools. These latest releases deliver AI-native innovation, a hallmark of the CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform.

IoT and Innovation News

In IoT and Innovation News, Esper now supports devices running Apple iOS and iPadOS. This capability builds on Esper’s industry-leading device management solutions for Android. Esper’s platform provides a single pane of glass solution that revolutionizes the way companies manage mixed fleets of iOS and Android devices with a solution that offers the same tools and workflows across both operating systems. MATSUKO and Telefonica launched a spatial computing experience of holographic meetings, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, which will enable creators to connect and collaborate seamlessly as holograms in real time. With just their smartphone camera, people can enter holographic meetings as themselves as 3D creations and thus enjoy a new and immersive way of communication.

Oracle released their Enterprise Communications Platform. By seamlessly connecting Oracle industry applications to networks and IoT devices to extend their value, ECP enables organizations to re-imagine how they do business. In a similar vein, TeamViewer unveiled their new TeamViewer Spatial Support, an app to experience TeamViewer's pioneering 3D visualization and real-time remote assistance on Apple Vision Pro. Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre will add the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum platform accelerated by NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips to its National Supercomputing and Quantum Computing Innovation Hub, furthering its work driving breakthroughs in quantum computing. Researchers at the Perth-based center will leverage CUDA Quantum, an open-source hybrid quantum computing platform that features powerful simulation tools. Cavli Wireless has joined the Orange Connected validation program to strengthen customer trust further and support the building of the next generation of IoT connectivity management technology.


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