Service Delivery Matters More Than Ever
CX Selection Criteria for TSBs

By: Scott Nichols

Having the best possible connectivity is typically top of mind for network managers. Am I with the right vendor? Am I getting good value? Is the reliability, redundancy, and security good enough? Do I trust them? These are all fair questions that are central to any supplier partnership, not just those providing connectivity. Businesses are asking tougher questions with greater scrutiny, especially as they are facing challenges that are making it tough to do business: the macroeconomic and geopolitical situations are far from what any of us would want to see on both a business and personal level…

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Building Better Customer Bonds
Transforming CX with AI-driven BSS

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Every individual human is unique, and complex. Every person has different attributes, character, communication styles, likes, dislikes, beliefs, desires, needs, skills, talents, and perceived values. This makes human relationships even more complicated, as relationships are a jigsaw puzzle of a multitude of factors that must be matched to seamlessly function to the mutual benefit of both parties. To complicate matters more, these things aren’t static — they change over time. And the survival of our species relies on these things working in harmony…

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The Five Rs of the Customer Experience
Protecting Digital Identity, Preventing Fraud & Robocalls

By: Michael O'Brien

The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and automated support has shaken up businesses in a really good way — from improving efficiencies to streamlining the customer experience. In this around-the-clock era, when consumers want access at any moment, enterprises are embracing new technologies, communication channels and methods to connect with them, and they’re delivering big time. Consumers, however, are being besieged by an onslaught of nefarious trickery on the part of fraudsters and spammers…

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What You Missed at Mobile World Congress 2024

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

Pipeline covered Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the tenth year, attending sessions and meeting with industry innovators arrayed across the extensive exhibit halls. MWC’s website had boldly proclaimed “miss out on Mobile World Congress Barcelona, miss out on the next 12 months [of the industry’s future].” Pipeline walked the length and breadth of the show floor, filled our diaries with exclusive interviews, and attended every talk we deemed noteworthy from the eclectic agenda with an eye on finding out if MWC’s assertion was actually true…

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How Diverse O-Cloud Environments Enhance
RAN Resilience and Scalability

By: Rhonda Holloway

As mobile network evolution drives relentlessly toward next-generation technologies, network planning, operations and optimization continue to become more complex. This is particularly challenging given that legacy networks and new, more advanced architectures need to coexist and interact smoothly and efficiently. At this point, it’s virtually impossible for mobile network operators (MNOs) to manage end-to-end network parameter designs, tuning, operations, and optimization using manual processes and basic automation tools…

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Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast:
Building Lifetime Customer Value

By: Michael Matthews

Digital transformation solutions need not require complete system overhauls to be impactful in positive ways. Small changes in technology can have massive impacts. The same can be said for updating existing enterprise software to enhance customers’ journeys, experiences, and loyalty. Digital transformation doesn't necessarily equate to big, complicated processes. What matters is enhancing existing infrastructure in ways that produce returns on both short- and long-term investments. Let’s look at how telcos can start small, move fast, and successfully transform in ways that count…

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Data-Driven DX Decisions
in Telecom's Digital Transformation

By: Anna Tyschenko

Telcos able to transform numbers into valuable insights are halfway down the road to success. According to IDC’s projection, worldwide data is expected to reach one trillion gigabytes by 2025. Organizations must implement data-driven philosophies on a strategic level to win. It’s easier said than done, however, and calls for significant changes. Let’s see what it takes and how it can affect digital transformation. Keep reading. Why are Data-driven Decisions Essential for Telcos in 2024? The year 2024 might cause a fundamental shift in the technological world, making data a pushing element…

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How MVNOs Can Use AI Automation
for Smarter Business Operations

By: Bernhard Kraft

Telcos are sitting on a data gold mine, and it grows larger and richer every moment of every day, driven by billions of network events. Customer data, which charts real-time behaviors and preferences, can help mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) identify high-value customers, predict customer churn, pinpoint new market opportunities, and improve the operational running of their networks. What’s less well-understood is how to tap into, and monetize, this treasure trove of data. That’s where the interplay between business support systems (BSS) and AI comes into play…

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Data Tools for Mobile Fraud Prevention

By: Steve Legge

Fraud is ubiquitous. Furthermore, in our current global landscape, all signs point to it being everlasting. Customers and end users don’t want to hear it. Businesses that promise total obliteration of digital danger will deny it. Our industry continues to fight it. But fraud persists nevertheless. Of course, if there were no silver linings in this story there wouldn’t be anything to write about. No need for apocalyptic perspectives just yet. But before we dive into how our mobile world is fighting fraud, let’s unpack where we are today and how we got here…

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Messaging Technology Evolution: Meeting the
Challenges of Messaging Tech Abundance

By: Fabrizio Salanitri

Messaging has become an indispensable part of daily life in this interconnected digital era. Consequently, the market is saturated with a multitude of messaging solutions that appear to offer similar capabilities. Indeed, a common belief prevails within the messaging technology sector today: Most of these products do the same thing. But is this truly the case? In this article, we examine the current state of messaging technology and highlight three feature layers fundamental to offering robust business messaging solutions that stand out from the rest…

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Letter from the Editor - March 2024
The Mobile Experience

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Connectivity permeates every facet of our lives in the modern world.  Nowhere was this demonstrated more than at Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) in Barcelona last week. One might think that the world’s largest mobile industry event would be primarily focused on wireless and the evolution of all the related communications technologies. But it wasn’t. This year’s event showcased a wide range of connected devices – from drones to factory automation, robots, smart cars, and translucent laptops – and a plethora of other innovations connectivity is making possible…

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Enterprise IT & Telecom Technology Industry News

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

News has been more compelling than usual this month as telcos rushed to share exciting innovations on their stands at this year's Mobile World Congress. Below are the most exciting stories you will find in tech curated by Pipeline summarized in categories that represent some of our upcoming issue themes. This month’s top industry news stories are summarized below. To view current breaking news in real-time, visit Pipeline’s News Center, follow Pipeline on social media, or subscribe to receive our weekly telecom industry news summary…

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