Service Delivery Matters More Than Ever
CX Selection Criteria for TSBs

By: Scott Nichols

Having the best possible connectivity is typically top of mind for network managers. Am I with the right vendor? Am I getting good value? Is the reliability, redundancy, and security good enough? Do I trust them? These are all fair questions that are central to any supplier partnership, not just those providing connectivity.

Businesses are asking tougher questions with greater scrutiny, especially as they are facing challenges that are making it tough to do business: the macroeconomic and geopolitical situations are far from what any of us would want to see on both a business and personal level. Add to this the rising costs of providing their products and services, combined with the need to keep costs down for their customers. It’s not a very pretty situation.

Getting to the Heart of Thing

Service delivery and customer service are key differentiators in the highly competitive telecoms sector. Exceptional service delivery, particularly during the implementation phase, is crucial to laying the proper foundation for partnership relationships with customers. It’s a huge sign of trust when an enterprise (such as a financial institution) runs its business-critical IT systems over its chosen network. That trust can’t be taken lightly. It must be cultivated from the beginning and tended throughout the relationship.

Once services are up and running, the speed, reliability and performance of the network are always being measured. All of these reside under the customer service umbrella. For every provider in the sector, world-class customer service must be the ultimate focus. It starts with maintaining constant, transparent, and open communication with customers. And it goes without saying that accountability and honesty are part of this mix, especially when technology fails, or an unexpected event occurs. For the partnership to survive during the tough times, finger pointing and excuses can’t be part of the conversation.

Finding the Right Provider

One of the biggest challenges in switching connectivity providers is knowing which one to choose. It can take a great deal of time and effort to research all the options available in the market and, whilst the opinions of peers matter, it could be risky to make an enterprise network decision based purely on another person’s experience.

To help overcome these challenges, we are seeing a steady increase in enterprises using the services of Technology Service Brokers (TSBs) to help in sourcing and selecting connectivity provider services.

TSBs will take the time to understand each enterprise’s unique set of business challenges and help to streamline the evaluation process and narrow down a set of providers that they recommend for meeting those challenges. They hold the providers accountable to demonstrate, in a measurable way, the quality of the network, services, and customer service that they provide. With that in mind, here are my predictions on the qualities that TSBs will increasingly evaluate when choosing a connectivity provider to support global enterprises.

Service Delivery of the Highest Level

Enterprises place significant importance on the service delivery experience, with good reason. Unfortunately, one previously negative service delivery experience can deter an enterprise from exploring new connectivity providers, even if they are unsatisfied today. In 2024, TSBs will seek globally distributed service delivery teams that possess


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