Deutsche Telekom Plans To Free Smartphones From Apps

AI Phone: Deutsche Telekom Wants To Free Smartphones From Apps

  • Visionary showcase at MWC 2024 shows the world of an app-free AI smartphone
  • Digital assistant helps in (almost) all situations in life 
  • Cooperation with Qualcomm and
Deutsche Telekom announced that they are presenting a visionary AI phone concept at Mobile World Congress 2024 together with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and An assistant based on artificial intelligence replaces the countless apps on the smartphone. Like a concierge, the assistant understands your goals and takes care of the details. 

"Book me a flight to the quarterfinals". The intelligent assistant obeys your query simply by voice command. The showcase uses concrete examples to demonstrate how an AI smartphone can make life easier when planning trips, shopping, creating video or editing photos. 

Deutsche Telekom's generative interface powered by makes it possible. Using AI, it takes over the functions of a wide range of apps and can carry out all daily tasks that would normally require several applications on the device. The concierge can be controlled effortlessly and intuitively via voice and text. 

Jon Abrahamson, Chief Product & Digital Officer Deutsche Telekom, is convinced: "Artificial intelligence and Large Language Models will soon be an integral part of mobile devices. We will use them to improve and simplify the lives of our customers. Our vision is a magenta concierge for an app-free smartphone. A real everyday companion that fulfills needs and simplifies digital life."

AI for everyone 

For the showcase, real-life use cases were integrated into Telekom's T Phone, which is already available. This underlines the Group's commitment of introducing innovations on devices that are already on the market and making them accessible to everyone. Together with, the pioneer of generative interfaces, an app-free interface is being created where the AI predicts and generates the next interface contextually, flowing with your thoughts.  Users can now focus on what they want, instead of how to get there. The AI is located in the cloud. On the one hand, this ensures an authentic and rewarding user experience and on the other hand it is accessible even on entry-level smartphones.

Deutsche Telekom is also showcasing another version of an AI smartphone powered by the Snapdragon┬« 8 Gen 3 Reference Design. In the high-performance device, the AI processing is done on device. This makes the AI particularly fast, energy efficient and more customized to each user. 

The partners' joint development teams are continuously working on implementing the concept. At the trade fair, the partners will show prototypes that demonstrate a possible future and bring it to life. It will take time until they are available for customers in the store.

Deutsche Telekom invites visitors to the MWC to experience the future of AI in mobile technology at its booth. As the company sets new standards and pushes the boundaries of innovation, Deutsche Telekom remains committed to reliability, privacy, and security to deliver the best AI customer experience.

Source: Deutsche Telekom media announcement

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