The 5G Highway for Autonomous Vehicles

By: Mike Wolfe

The current pandemic has given us many glimpses of the future, one of which is the growing importance of autonomous vehicles. A recent and illustrative example is The Mayo Clinic’s use of self-driving vans to shuttle samples from its drive-through COVID-19 testing sites in Florida to its Jacksonville laboratory—freeing up healthcare workers to attend to other tasks, while minimizing their infection risk. But, in many ways, this headline application, which supports the case for autonomous vehicles, concurrently highlights the many limitations of today’s autonomous driving technology…

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Automating the Customer Engagement Lifecycle

By: Ittai Bareket, CEO of Netformx

In today’s highly competitive IT solutions market, outstanding customer experience is an important differentiator. Gone are the days of drop-shipping a box, installing, configuring and collecting maintenance fees down the road. In today’s subscription economy, every customer touchpoint is contributing to the ongoing revenue generation process. Whether it is the initial concept solution sale, adoption, or renewal, solution providers require continuous engagement with their customers.Whether you are a communication service provider or systems integrator creating IT solutions for the enterprise, government, or education market, you need to focus on business fundamentals…

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Enabling the Hyperscale Future

By: Mark Noonan

We are still early in the emerging hyperscale era. Flourishing cloud operations (the public cloud’s revenue is expected to be $552 billion by 2027), digital transformation (which may garner spending of up to $2.3 trillion by 2023) and subsequent data demands are just a few of the drivers exerting influence. As these trends continue, however, large-scale enterprise and cloud businesses are seeking to continually grow their already substantial operations. Now many are finding that they must realign their infrastructure strategies to empower their sustained growth…

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The Chatbot Chronicles

By: Jan Kolar, Simone Santarelli

In the past few years, the new digital era has been radically revolutionizing the transportation industry. The way that transport companies provide services to customers—as well as the way the passengers perceive the services while traveling​—is constantly evolving. In addition, customer expectations are quickly adapting to new opportunities onboard. Passengers expect their transport providers to offer the same comforts they have at home or in any public locations, but they also expect the services onboard to be affordable, trustworthy and satisfactory…

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How CSPs Can Innovate to the New Normal

By: Damian Wallace

There is nothing quite like a global crisis to inject urgency and purpose into how service providers innovate.  Service providers, whose own business communications weren’t fully digitally enabled before, were given a rude awakening when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. For several days, the peculiar scene—which played out with service providers of different kinds around the world—was of large, process-driven organizations scrambling to develop and deploy new communications practices, as their own customers were scrambling and seeking solutions from them…

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NFV Still Matters: Here's Why

By: Dean Campbell

First, the numbers. According to a report by “The global NFV market is expected to grow from USD 12,949 million in 2019 to USD 36,324 million by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9 percent during the forecast period.” Moreover, McKinsey estimates that operators who add NFV to any cloud or any 5G network will lower capital expenditures by 40 percent. NFV is a change from using purpose-built hardware (e.g., routers, firewalls, etc.) to using generic/COTS server hardware to run applications that provide the infrastructure “functions” and run them in a virtual environment…

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Domain Controllers: Multivendor This Time?

By: Mark Mortensen

The advent of SD-WAN and SDN controllers has heralded a new era in telecom network management architecture. The old proprietary vendor-supplied element and network management systems (EMS and NMS) are being replaced by a new generation of domain control (DC) and cross-domain orchestration systems built with cloud-born software technologies. Every supplier of these systems touts their multivendor capabilities, although all but a few are difficult to interface with the multiplicity of vendors, equipment, and versions…

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What It Means to Have Unified Service Experience

By: Manjeet Dhariwal

Imagine a world where all around you and even on you, data is being collected and analyzed and information is being stored. In an always-online world, the demand for faster, more affordable, more convenient Internet services grows along with remote, more predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of the network provider’s network. Add home health care, asset tracking and monitoring and soon your mind begins to race with all the potential and all the possibilities. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway, and it opens a whole new set of opportunities for digital service providers…

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A Perfect Storm for Cyberattacks

By: Andrea Carcano

By now, it’s no surprise that COVID-19 presents new security threats, especially with so many employees working remotely. APT actors that want to capitalize on this new home working model are looking to lure victims into phishing attempts that ultimately seek to establish a foothold within an organization. Applying this specifically in an OT or IoT context, remote connectivity, via vulnerable remote access connections, could expose vulnerable assets to attackers…

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Letter from the Editor - The Power of Innovation

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

It's a remarkable time to be alive. To bear witness to the global events that continue to unfold all around us. It's an even more amazing time to be an innovator, regardless of the industry or particular flavor of innovation. It's not all doom and gloom, as some would have you believe.  It's cathartic. It's a renewal, a rebirth, a challenge–fraught with conflict, struggle, and ultimately change.Admittedly, this is a painful process. The cost of change is high. Mitigating the damage is time consuming, costly, and even tragic…

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Pipeline: Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

As the first half of the year draws to a close, an interesting array of industry news arrived in our inbox. Market insights and analysis from Dell’Oro Group, Omdia, and Juniper Research attempted to capture the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on various sectors of the telecom and IT industries—and on our communications behavior in general. The FCC turned up the burners to accelerate 5G deployment and service providers announced new partnerships, alliances, collaborations and other pushes to continue to change the way we work, live and connect…

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