The 2019 Pipeline Innovation Awards

In another tight category which came down to a split vote, Inflect and CloudSmartz squared off as the Finalists in Innovations in Data Aggregation. Both were cutting-edge thought leaders who submitted state-of-the-art innovations.
ensuring a consistent and seamless single or omni-channel experience. Just one and a half points separated them as finalists, and it was now up to the judges to pick the most innovative between them. Ultimately, the judges selected Netcracker as the winner, making Synchronoss the runner-up in the Innovation in Customer Experience category.

Innovations in Operational Support Systems (OSS)

The Innovations in OSS category was hotly contested, with only one quarter of a point separating the finalists from the next semi-finalist, Netcracker; and a tenth of a point separating Netcracker from the next semi-finalist, CloudSmartz. Ultimately, Sigma Systems and Intraway rose to the top as the finalists in this category.

Sigma Systems entered its SigmaPortfolio Inventory solution, which centralizes the product-service-resource portfolio inventory data into a single master file and makes that data widely available for access by any external system. Intraway submitted its Symphonica OSS Service Orchestration and Provisioning product, a highly interoperable solution which manages complex orchestration processes for a variety of services and supports high-volume transactions efficiently with zero-touch service order management and open APIs. Intraway's impressive submission package illustrated extensive interoperability and superior support of multiple industry standards, hybrid network technologies, distilled multiple protocols into a no-code user interface, and demonstrated significant return on investment (ROI) for its customers in several active deployments. This led, at least in part, to why Intraway was selected by the judges as the winner in this category, making its notable contender Sigma Systems the runner-up.

Innovations in Business Support Systems (BSS)

In the Innovations in BSS category, it came down to two leading innovators: ETIYA and Netcracker, with Netcracker pulling out the win by a single vote. ETIYA submitted its Digital Business Platform, which is a gamechanger for rapid launch and support of Virtual Digital Service Providers (VDSPs). Netcracker entered its Netcracker Cloud BSS Solution, which is a cloud-native BSS solution that helps service providers—such as MSOs and MVNOs—achieve digital transformation objectives, accelerate time-to-market and shift to new commercial models, while avoiding the high costs and long timelines associated with traditional transformation initiatives.

Innovations in Network Technology

The Innovations in Networking category was another category in which it came down to a single judge's vote between the two finalists, Unitas Global and PacketFabric. PacketFabric submitted its PacketFabric Network-as-a-service Platform, which enables users to create custom, private networks; instantly connect to cloud service providers; reach XaaS providers; extend carrier network reach; and enable convenient, private interconnection. Unitas Global entered its Cloud Connectivity solution, which is a software-defined interconnected cloud connectivity fabric that simplifies the design, procurement, delivery, operation, and management of cloud connectivity. In a split vote, Unitas Global pulled out the win, making PacketFabric the runner-up.

Innovations in Cloud

Netcracker and Unitas Global dominated the Innovations in Cloud category, with a ten-point lead over the next semi-finalist. Netcracker submitted its Netcracker Business Cloud (NBC) solution. NBC allows CSPs to expand to new IT, XaaS, SDN/NFV services and make personalized bundles, and ICT providers expand to telecommunication services and offer a broader portfolio for their business customers. Unitas Global once again submitted its impressive Unitas Cloud Connectivity solution, which simplifies the design, delivery and management of cloud connectivity.  Ultimately, the judges selected Netcracker as the winner, and Unitas Global as the runner-up.

Innovations in Data Aggregation

In another tight category that came down to a split vote, Inflect and CloudSmartz squared off as the finalists in Innovations in Data Aggregation. Both were cutting-edge thought leaders who submitted state-of-the-art innovations. Inflect submitted its Global Marketplace and patent-pending Routefinder application, built upon its proprietary data service called Vinyl. The solution—which allows users to easily buy and sell connectivity between end points—was also a finalist in and the winner of the Editor's Choice Category. CloudSmartz, which was also a finalist in Editor's Choice and the winner in another category, submitted its Acumen360 solution as a digital customer experience portal and


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