Marchex Unveils AI-powered Conversational Intelligence for Automotive
Marchex announced that it has launched Marchex Spotlight for Automotive, a key addition to the company’s conversation intelligence platform. Spotlight enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), brand, and dealer customers to increase revenue by easily identifying failed business-to-consumer conversations that drive instant corrective actions through AI-powered conversational intelligence.

IBM Cloud HPC Accelerates Cadence Chip and System Design Software
IBM announced Cadence Design Systems is leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) with IBM Cloud HPC to help develop its chip and system design software faster.

WBA Report Highlights the Need for Wi-Fi 6 and Private 5G Convergence
The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA ) announced a detailed report titled Private 5G and Wi-Fi Convergence: Key Use Cases and Requirements, which highlights on the importance of 5G and Wi-Fi convergence in the deployment of seamless, access-agnostic connectivity for enterprise organizations.

Optiva Modernizes Cellular One's Technology Stack
Cellular One has selected Optiva to support the modernization of its network and mission-critical launch of VoLTE. Cellular One partners are phasing out their 3G networks to free up spectrum and infrastructure to support new network services. In response to this phase out, Cellular One is transitioning its subscribers to VoLTE service for both in-network and roaming coverage.

SmartMetric Launches Biometric Fingerprint Activated Credit Card
SmartMetric announced that it has successfully added thermal sensing inside of its biometric fingerprint activated credit cards in order to defeat fake artificial fingerprints from fraudsters wanting to fool the biometric protection inside the SmartMetric card.

GeoMobile Transaction Strengthens T-System's Portfolio
T-Systems International acquired the Dortmund based software company GeoMobile, who offers public transport operators a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. Through this acquisition, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is strengthening its portfolio for Transport and Logistics with an IT platform for barrier-free urban mobility.

Windstream Enterprise to Upgrade VoIP Network with Azure
Windstream Enterprise announced it has fully migrated its leading Voice over IP (VoIP) platform to Microsoft’s Azure for Operators clustered Call Feature Server (cCFS). This upgrade is the latest in an ongoing series of investments that Windstream Enterprise has made to enhance the value of its cloud-based communications services provided to customers.

nCino Partners with Grasshopper to Streamline Internal Bank Processes
Grasshopper will leverage multiple nCino solutions, including Portfolio Analytics, Commercial Banking and Customer Engagement, to enhance portfolio management and reporting, speed to market for loan closing, and line of sight into the loan process across its lending divisions - which support venture and private equity funds, commercial real estate and SBA borrowers.

ClearDATA Wins Two Awards
ClearDATA announced it has won two awards, recognizing its leadership in healthcare cloud technology and information security. The company has been recognized in the seventh annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards and the 11th annual Global InfoSec Awards.

Tristero Launches Company to Build Stronger and Safer Crypto Markets
Tristero, a company working toward developing decentralized dark pool technology to create a fairer trading environment, announced the launch of their company supported by a $4.8M Seed round co-led by General Catalyst and Steel Perlot. The company will be using the investment to build markets designed to minimize the price impact of trades, an invisible cost to all market participants.

Ai-Media Unveils AI-driven LEXI 3.0
Ai-Media announced the launch of LEXI 3.0, the new and improved version of its flagship live automatic captioning solution.

CallMiner Advances its Platform with AI/ML Capabilities
CallMiner announced it has expanded its use of Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as a Microsoft partner. CallMiner has validated its deep knowledge, extensive experience and proven success in enabling customer adoption of AI and implementing Azure solutions and quickly and securely scale, meeting the demands of customers.

BT Delivers SaaS-based Privileged Access Management to Customers
BT and CyberArk announced the launch of BT’s global Privileged Identity Security managed service. Built exclusively on the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, this service for BT customers delivers scalable and effective cybersecurity risk reduction.

Arrive to Release Second-generation Smart Mailbox Models
Dronedek, the pioneer of smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions for autonomous delivery networks (ADNs), has rebranded to Arrive and will reveal a second-generation smart mailbox and new service models.

Partnership Accelerates Brazil's Cloud Development
Tencent Cloud is partnering with Extreme Digital Solutions to power organizations through secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure solutions, boosting the future of Brazil's cloud development.

Universal Robots and Denali Partner on Enhanced Automation Designs
Universal Robots, the Danish producer of collaborative robots (cobots) has announced a new partnership with Denali Advanced Integration, a global technology integrator to bring the best automation designs to customers while driving a strong return on their technology investments.

HPE CoE for AI and Open-source Develop Talent for ML and Analytics
Hewlett Packard Enterprise establish a new Global Center of Excellence (CoE) for HPE Ezmeral Software in Athens, Greece which will enhance its global support capabilities for enterprise customers. The team of open source and data engineers and developers will help organizations around the world apply AI, data and advanced analytics in a range of industries including financial services, government, medical research, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and autonomous transportation.

Mobi Taps into T-Mobile's Nationwide 5G Network
Mobi announced that the company has signed an MVNO agreement with T-Mobile that enables Mobi customers to tap into the nationwide T-Mobile network both at home throughout the Hawaiian islands and across the mainland United States.

VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics Accelerate AI Digital Transformation
Teradata announced the integration and general availability of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI with Teradata VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics, the complete cloud analytics and data platform. By operationalizing sophisticated Vertex AI models with the scalability and performance of ClearScape Analytics, customers can move from experimenting with AI to achieving AI-driven business success across a multitude of use cases.

365 Data Centers Brings IaaS Solutions to Enterprise Customers
365 Data Centers brings fully integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to enterprise customers across the US with one MSA, one Provider, one support team and one invoice.

Nokia Unveils CE-certified 5G Drone-in-a-Box Solution
Nokia's development is the first CE-certified, turnkey drone-in-a-box solution, designed to meet the growing demands of organizations including public safety agencies, smart cities, construction, energy and defense.

IoT Service Hub Expedites Time to Market for Manufacturers
IoT Service Hub brings together the best of Taiwan's tech talents, enterprises, and industry-leading technologies to help manufacturers and inventors bring their IoT product to market in a faster and more cost-effective way.

Alcatraz AI and Genetec Inc. Advance Access Control and Physical Security
This collaboration will deliver access control solutions that increase the security of protected facilities and provide business insights while simultaneously making the experience frictionless and touchless for end users.

Sunlight Solutions Announces New Partnership with Finovox
Sunlight Solutions, a cloud-native provider of core administration technology and innovative insurtech services, is partnering with Finovox, a French software editor specialized in detecting fake documentation, to enhance security for insurance organizations and prevent fraud.

Sopheon Adds AI Capabilities to Strengthen InnovationOps
Artificial intelligence features uncover new ideas, help identify best innovation prospects and promote faster time to market.


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