The COVID-19 Tipping Point

By: Scott St. John

There are a few points in history, most of them incredibly tragic, that forever change the world. The world before 9/11 was drastically different than after 9/11. The world after World War II was dramatically different than the years that preceded it. And it was more than the world-changing event itself. The shockwaves that radiated from these events changed the way we work, live, and even think to this day. Prior to 9/11, for example, I remember arriving at the airport 45 minutes before a flight, briskly walking directly to the gate, and board the plane just as the doors were closing…

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3 Strategies to Accelerate ROI From DT

By: Bernardo Lucas

As the communications industry’s digital transformation takes shape, and the limelight shifts from connecting the users to connecting a user to their digital lifestyle, technology innovations such as eSIM, VoLTE, IoT, cloud, NFV, and 5G raise important business assurance questions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). There are three top considerations for CSPs that want to accelerate the return on investment of their digital transformation. #1: Focus on CX to drive revenues Traditionally, the digital transformation of a CSP focused on process automation in the back office or core network…

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FWA: A path to 5G profitability

By: Keith Russell

Investment in 5G radio upgrades are ramping up around the globe—and for good reason. There is an entire universe of use cases for 5G that are going to be game-changing. It seems that there is always a story in the trade press on how 5G will enable connected vehicles, eHealth, cloud-based robotics and more. Of course, it will take time for the overall ecosystem for these use cases to develop, and many of us will wait a while before signing up for 5G remote surgery. But that’s OK. 5G has plenty of utility today…

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Mastering 5G Complexity with AI and ML

By: Ben Parker

Although 5G may be overhyped today, its future promise is real. So are the operational challenges it poses for communication service providers (CSPs). Delivering new mobile services for leading-edge applications and use cases will stress the ability of network operators to manage the range of enabling hardware and software technologies in their underlying infrastructure. Operations teams will face challenges in each 5G domain—subscriber, service, edge and core—and across domains.   This article examines the unique challenges in each domain, the best steps for applying machine intelligence (AI, ML and big data analytics) to address them, and the top usage scenarios and opportunities for you and your key business group stakeholders…

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SD-WAN: The Backbone of Digital Transformation

By: Ed Fox

Some version of this statement is everywhere you turn these days: “Cloud computing, 5G, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the ways we work, collaborate and live.” There’s a good reason we hear it everywhere: it’s true. These technologies are radically reshaping not only the way we do business but also the world we live in. While these technologies often dominate headlines, however, software-defined networking (SD-WAN) is the unsung hero in the background enabling and consuming all these technologies…

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Data Center Digital Transformation Without Trade-offs

By: Jim Shanahan

Digital transformation means disruptive approaches to business processes, technology and broader organizational collaboration. In the risk-averse world and with so much at stake for business, changing technology and the data center can appear risky and daunting. Any mention of transformation can have IT leaders worrying about the rip and replace of existing infrastructure, while business executives work to identify which processes it impacts. The history of business IT and data center operations offers many examples of strategically planned projects using advanced transformative technologies…

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Transforming the Transformers

By: Ben Edmond

Digital transformation means a lot of things to a lot of different people, depending on their perspective, industry position and experiences. While some see it as a shift towards the use of new digital technology to realize cost savings, others view digital transformation as a complete overhaul of their organization’s processes and procedures to reinvent experiences for their customers, employees and partners. Regardless of definition, we can all agree that it is happening now, and those who are not actively pursuing a journey of digital transformation will be left behind…

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Building an Innovation Ecosystem

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

Among thought leaders in the telco industry, the need for a sustainable innovation ecosystem is now clear. With the advance of the super scalers and the new LEOSat (Low Earth Orbiting Satellite) entrants in the wings, traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face a tremendous challenge. Not responding to the challenge will dramatically reduce revenues and possibly challenge their very existence. To compound the situation, the existing large vendor ecosystem selling to the CSPs is in the same boat…

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Accelerating Digital Transformation with Unified Resource Management

By: Ulrich Schalling

In today’s on-demand world, IoT is driving a rapid rise of connected devices. Everything that can be digitalized will be. Rapidly advancing technologies and market forces such as mobile 5G, fiber rollouts, and automation are pressuring telecom providers to quickly adapt to the evolving ecosystem. That’s why an overwhelming majority of CSPs are either actively implementing digital transformation programs or are currently in the planning process. Emerging 5G networks create new opportunities for operators to provide services at greater capacities, accelerated speeds, and lower latencies…

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Letter from the Editor - The Tipping Point

By: Scott St. John

I'll try to make this succinct. The COVID-19, global pandemic has brought us past the tipping point. It has forever transformed the way we work, live, and play. It has brought us to the brink of both tragedy and catastrophe. But, it has also underscored the critical nature of innovation and opened the door to opportunity. Now, the world has awakened to a new normal where once optional technologies and platforms have become the key to our future and, perhaps, our very survival. Web presence? Omnichannel? Ecommerce? Necessities…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John

As the coronavirus pandemic continued to gain strength around the globe, much industry news in April and early May centered on its effects: on network traffic, on consumer retail spending and supply chains, and on security concerns. The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was officially completed, leading to the debut of the New T-Mobile. Microsoft made headlines with two major new strategic alliances—with Coca-Cola and the National Basketball Association. The top telecom industry news stories from the month are summarized below…

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