Top Trends Shaping Networks in 2021

By: Sally Bament

The past year has been demanding for network operators, requiring them to deliver seamless connectivity to subscribers as traffic patterns shifted and hit peak levels virtually overnight. Employees, students and consumers alike have experienced a tremendous change in how they live, work and play, making the role that service providers play in our daily lives more critical than ever before.  With increased pressure to deliver not just connectivity but also a seamless- and quality-service experience to their customers, operators have increased their investment focus in automation, edge computing, increased bandwidth, security and more…

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AI-Driven Personalization: the Key for 5G Revenue

By: Martin Laesch

In 2017, the Economist stated that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Four years later, this concept is only increasing in truth. Thanks to the revolutionary promises of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) possibilities are transforming the value of the data collected on consumers and our habits every single day. With 5G usage predicted to explode in coming years with over 1 billion 5G connections by 2023, the possibilities of AI and ML solutions are seemingly becoming limitless…

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Demand and Delivery: Bridging the Digital Divide

By: Frank DeJoy

Demand has never been greater, consumer needs more urgent, and government funding more accessible. So why are broadband providers facing such difficulty delivering Internet to the country’s vast underserved communities? And how are these new obstacles transforming how network teams work? Broadband’s transition from entertainment luxury to societal and economic necessity has been fast and extensive. Access to a high-speed broadband network is no longer merely a convenience or amenity. Like the telephone in the twentieth century, broadband Internet service is entering the realm of an essential service in the twenty-first…

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3 Ways to Derisk the Digital Economy

By: Rui Paiva

Recent GSMA figures found that communications service provider (CSPs) revenue outside of core services hovers around the 20 percent mark. To drive ROI on the $1 trillion in investments in 5G, CSPs are eyeing B2B revenue opportunities in the manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare, oil and gas, agriculture and mining sectors to target their big push into digital services. However, supporting applications in these verticals comes with risks that neither CSPs nor the enterprise customer can afford to let slip through the gaps…

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The Advent of Digital Transformation-as-a-Service (DTaaS)

By: Philip Molter

The concept of Digital Transformation (DT) has been the subject of a great deal of hype. The excessive focus on DT, which is sometimes called DX, can make it a little confusing to sort out what it actually means for businesses and their IT organizations. And, while it can be tempting to dismiss such a hyped tech paradigm, this one is real and it’s happening now. In fact, DT is coming more rapidly than most people would have predicted. This article looks at some of the drivers of the DT trend and offers insights into what it will take to make the most of it—including DT’s impact on the network and data center as well as the potential for DT-as-a-Service (DTaaS)…

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Beyond Connectivity: An Industry Scorecard

By: Mark Mortensen

The transformation of communications service providers (CSPs) to digital service providers (DSPs) has been going on for the last decade, with plenty more progress to come on advancing digitalized services, digitalized operations, and digitalized networks. This article focuses on the digitalized services beyond basic connectivity, scoring where they are now and predicting where they will expand the most. Transition: CSP to DSP All three aspects of the transition to digital service providers are important to a robust future for today’s communications service providers…

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Enabling the Distributed Enterprise

By: Mary Stanhope

The way organizations store and utilize data has undergone a transformation, especially in recent months. Driven by increased use of web-based applications, more remote workforces, and the incorporation of new data-intensive technologies, the importance of data and its ability to flow seamlessly across the enterprise IT architecture has grown substantially. As this evolution continues, business footprints are becoming more distributed and IT architectures are incorporating a growing number of partners and platforms in service of expanding data mobility, availability, security, and accessibility demands…

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The Telco is My Shepherd: Funding Innovation

By: Andrew Coward

2020 represented yet another banner year for start-up investments, with a record $130 billion flowing from venture capitalists (VCs) to start-up companies. This flood of capital did not, by any means, float all boats. In particular, the telecom sector continued the long drought of VC funding, with very few notable deals. It seems that telecom infrastructure start-ups have remained firmly out of favor with the VC crowd. This is counterintuitive. The telecom sector is brimming with the promise of 5G, the focus on edge compute, the move to open radio access networks (O-RAN), and the disenfranchising of Chinese vendors in many networks…

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The Future of Digital Transformation

By: Matthew Halligan

Digital transformation is not a new concept, but it's not static either. It is a living and evolving process, adapting to new emerging technologies that relate to the ecosystem to which it is being applied. While conversations around digital transformation increased over the last decade, its origins can be traced back to IT transformations 30 years ago, when organizations started computerizing and digitizing activities and processes. Since then, digital transformation has experienced a continual evolution…

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Seizing the Personal Cloud Storage Opportunity

By: Jeff Miller

Operators were swift to respond to the challenge of keeping businesses, governments and individuals connected and running as the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading quickly across the globe in early 2020. Telco operators who in the past had often been accused of being sluggish and slow to adapt to market changes proved that they could indeed be nimble as they rose to meet the critical communication needs of a world locked down. Today with light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the time has come for operators to build on the agility they have demonstrated over the last year as they worked to support their customers during a trying time…

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Letter from the Editor: Race to the Finish

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Just when we thought we could put this whole pandemic thing behind us, the game changes.  Nearly 150 million people have been fully vaccinated globally, yet covid cases are exploding in some regions, schools are closing, and governments are implementing various forms of travel restrictions while exploring the possibility of additional lockdowns. As we approach nearly three million deaths from COVID-19 worldwide, it’s become a real race to the finish – between the vaccine and the new strains…

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Technology Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

It's been an interesting month for IT and telecom technology industry news. In a nod to this issue’s theme of digital transformation, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting worldwide transformation news, ranging from predictions about our imminent 6G future to the advancements in smart city infrastructure and service delivery worldwide. We also share news of some of the obstacles facing a true acceleration of digital transformation, from legacy systems to a lack of digital transformation roadmaps in key regions of the world…

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