5G: Connecting the Future of Healthcare

By: Nadja Risse

COVID-19 hit like an earthquake, thoroughly testing and shaking the foundations of our global healthcare systems. Dire supply chain shortages were exposed, basic non-emergency care was disrupted, and information sharing processes balked under pressure. However, the devastation of this crisis has not been for naught. While innumerable weaknesses were exposed in our healthcare systems, innovative forces across the healthcare industry and their supporting technology partners have already begun uncovering new ways to help to transform patient care…

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Network Programmability Pushes the Edge to Evolve

By: Marc LeClerc

The Service Provider Case Another factor pushing for network evolution is the arrival of 5G networking. 5G places stringent demands on the forwarding plane and user plane, impacting both network infrastructure and the application space, and forcing a much tighter integration of networking, compute and storage resources. The massively multi-subscriber nature of carrier services further highlights the need for reducing latency, network flexibility and the ability to dynamically chain services. In carrier networks, edge characteristics are often seen as key limitations to the effective deployment of VMs, and the ability to scale services up and down in order to maximize price and performance…

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Open RAN: 2020 and Beyond

By: Ganesh Shenbagaraman

Open RAN has been making news throughout this year and driving constant coverage from all areas: standards organizations, operators, vendors, policymakers, enterprises, industry verticals and more. There is a lot to unpack. This article will dive into the drivers behind the increased momentum, examine whether Open RAN solutions are ready for mainstream deployment, and discuss how Open RAN may impact the future of mobile networks, especially 5G. As operators solidify their 5G strategies and begin their 5G deployments, they are indicating strong preference for disaggregated and open RAN solutions…

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How COVID-19 Has Changed the Broadband Industry

By: Stefaan Vanhastel

Broadband connectivity has played a vital role during the COVID-19 pandemic, way beyond keeping bored households entertained through lockdowns. For many of us, broadband has helped keep us connected, employed, fed and educated, not to mention sane. For businesses and governments, it has ensured some level of economic activity and helped to inform and protect citizens. Broadband service providers and network operators have seen enforced lockdowns during the pandemic create a seismic shift in online behavior…

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A 5G Revolution: Networks of the Future

By: Ray LaChance

Data consumption and production has grown enormously in recent years, and regardless of the overwhelming amount of information that already traverses today’s network architectures, this upswing will only continue to gain momentum. Furthermore, the nature of consumption has changed, with next-generation applications requiring even lower latency, faster speeds, higher bandwidth and enhanced accessibility that reaches further toward the edge and the users that reside there. In 2018 alone, the world created 33 zettabytes of data…

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Bringing New Light to Fiber

By: Ray Hagen

The hype around impending 5G wireless rollouts could place the reader into one of two camps. The realist camp may say 5G wireless is just like the first generation of broadband services in the early part of the century. There is great hype around the endless possibilities afforded by high-speed Internet, but without tangible ‘killer apps’ to drive adoption, it’s unclear how to justify the massive investment. Deloitte Consulting estimates that fiber infrastructure investment of $130B to $150B will be required to build out 5G across the United States over five to seven years—let alone the rest of the world…

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Driving Better Enterprise CX with Network Automation

By: Chuck Girt

On-demand is today’s de facto standard. From seamless connected experiences to conveniences enabled by the gig economy, the expectation of immediacy that fuels our modern consumer lives has crept effortlessly into the modern enterprise. Touching every aspect of an organization, IT professionals in particular feel the pressure as the department delivering the network and tech upon which the business operates. In turn, IT leaders expect the same response from their service providers: to route business-critical traffic in real time, every time and may get vocal if their demands—and service-level agreements (SLAs)—are not met…

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A Tsunami of Mobile Data Could Throttle Networks

By: Santiago Bouzas, Indranil Chatterjee

For global telecom operators, the last few months have been an interesting experiment. In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a scaled-down version of what might lie in store for networks as 5G is gradually rolled out. According to a recent research report from the Technology Innovation Council (TIC), more than 40 percent of operators have seen network traffic increase between 60 and 100 percent, primarily driven by the lockdown measures imposed by countless countries around the world to combat the pandemic…

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How We Connect Defines Who We Are

By: Aron Smith

Industry pundits have suggested that we are living through the most significant network revolution in history. Most of the preceding societal changes enabled by print, transportation and electronic communication had significant revolutionary impacts in their respective times. In theory, the digital changes of today should really be no different. But they are.  Connecting through history Our own network revolution has affected every nook and cranny of our economy, as well as the way we interact and connect on a global scale…

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Letter from the Editor: Building Hope

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Fear is easy. Fear is instinctual. But hope is a different story. Hope is hard. Hope has to be constructed and, in some cases, built brick by brick. It may be hard to be hopeful now, as the global pandemic continues to rage on.  We are all worried about our countries, economies, companies, jobs, homes, families, friends and even our individual well-being. It's appropriate, expected, and rather natural under the circumstances. But there are reasons to be hopeful too, if you look for them. As I proclaimed in my Letter from the Editor last month, the Covid crisis is over…

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Enterprise and Telecom Technology News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

As we head into the final stretch of the year, survey and market report news is coming in fast and furious. Analysys Mason has released its annual ranking of telecom software and services providers by market share, putting Nokia on top. Dell’Oro charted growth in the broadband access sector, while Grid Raster and Juniper released new reports on automation, vehicle connectivity, mobile business messaging and more. The FCC advanced steps to establish disclosure requirements for TV and radio content sponsored by foreign governments…

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