GTT Launches Managed SD-WAN Service for Service Providers
Cloud networking provider GTT is launching a new managed VeloCloud-delivered SD-WAN service enabling service providers to increase revenue deliver advanced services and increase flexibility by delivering elastic transport performance for cloud applications as well as benefit from the multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture and the ability to support real-time applications over private broadband and wireless links

New Asia-Pacific Telecom Innovation Initiative Focusing on Virtual Network Infrastructure
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and Telkom Indonesia are establishing the APAC Telecom Innovation Initiative (ATII) to create new network services in the Asia-Pacific region based on virtual infrastructure technologies that will address unique regional population density issues and potential natural disasters

Dish Network Spent Over $6 Billion on FCC Spectrum Auction
Dish Network spent a little over six billion dollars buying wireless spectrum space during the recent FCC auction surprising everyone by coming in second only to T-Mobile in airwave purchasing and fueling speculation that the company may become a phone company or that billionaire owner Charlie Ergen may be getting ready to sell it

Penske Truck Leasing Launches Connected Fleet Solutions
Penske Truck Leasing is now providing its enterprise customers with complete truck data connectivity using a new device-neutral data platform that connects to any telematics service provider so leasees can receive real-time fleet status reports

Global Wireless Test Equipment Market to Grow Over 6% CAGR Through 2022
A new report released today by Research and Markets indicates that the base station drive test mobile backhaul and wireless core test equipment market will see a CAGR of a little over 6 percent through 2022 primarily in the Asia-Pacific region and developing nations

RF Hacking An Increasing Threat to Wireless Infrastructure
SDR threat detection provider Bastille has issued a warning that the recent radio frequency hack on the Dallas emergency system underscores the need for governments and enterprises to protect their radio-configurable critical infrastructure

T-Mobile Picks Up 45% of Low-Band Spectrum in FCC Auction
T-Mobile has announced it acquired 45 percent of the 600 MHz spectrum sold during the recent FCC auction and now covers 100 percent of the country

FCC Closes First-of-Its-Kind Broadcast Incentive Auction
The FCC today announced the closing of its highest-grossing incentive auction in which 175 TV stations and 50 wireless bidders freed up 70MHz for mobile broadband

New End-to-End 4K Video Streaming Platform Launched For Mobile VR Devices
VR and 360-degree video streaming company Visbit today announced the launch of its end-to-end platform offering streaming of 4K and above resolution VR 360-degree videos over regular Wi-Fi and LTE for mobile VR devices

Android Market Share Rises in Urban China
Kantar Worldpanel Comtech today released new smartphone OS survey data that reveals Android OS market share is now over 86 percent in urban China while Apple's share has fallen to its lowest point since July 2014

More Than 1 Billion Robocalls Blocked
AT&T today announced it has blocked its billionth unwanted robocall using a new program that detects violators through network data analysis as the FCC proposes giving carriers even more flexibility in targeting and eliminating robocalls

Telstra Shares Slump as TPG Telecom Plans Own Mobile Network
Australia's former phone monoply Telstra Corp has hit a five year low as fixed-line broadband rival TPG Telecom Ltd has announced it is building a fourth mobile network in the country

NI, AT&T Collaborate on Ultra-Fast mmWave Channel Sounders for 5G
NI and AT&T today announced they are collaborating to produce one of the world's fastest and most accurate tools for 5G Millimeter Wave (mmWave) channel characterization anticipating mmWave's crucial role in 5G mobile networks

New Live Video Platform Improves Streaming To All Devices
Cloud video services provider Brightcove today announced the launch of its new scalable cost-effective API-driven live video platform it claims delivers seamless monetization and clipping for live events to meet increasing consumer demands for live streaming

NI Comes Calling At NYU WIRELESS With $1 Million Donation
NI today announced it will equip NYU WIRELESS labs with hardware and software from its flexible software defined radio (SDR) solutions which researchers in both industry and academia are already using to help usher in the next generation of 5G wireless communication

New Cloud-Based Solution Enables Worldwide Enterprises To Bypass Traditional Telephony
Global telephony solutions provider Voxbone today announced it is powering Dialpad's Anywhere Workers program that it claims enables global enterprises to replace hardwired phones with a cloud-based solution that includes talk text and conferencing using any device anywhere bypassing traditional telephony

Minnesota Gets Gigabit Broadband Upgrading
Mediacom Communications today announced it is launching gigabit broadband service with speeds 40 times faster than the FCC minimum in a first wave of over 80 Minnesota communities already served by Mediacom's digital network

Passage of Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act Good First Step, Says TTA
The Tennessee Telecommunications Association has stated that the recently-passed bill to expand rural broadband service in the state through electric co-ops is a good first step to making high-speed broadband service more accessible to underserved rural areas

Japanese Ad Buys Switching From TV To Mobile Video
Asian mobile marketing company Hotmob today released study results that reveal Japanese ad agencies are shifting more budget from traditional television advertising to mobile video which is now outperforming TV

AT&T Acquiring Straight Path Communications
AT&T today announced it is acquiring Straight Path Communications one of the largest holders of 28 GHz and 39 GHz millimeter wave spectrum in an all stock deal

Spoof-Proof Secure Authentication Solution Launched
SensibleVision today announced its new authentication solution that provides a secure spoof-proof facial recognition approach to mobile and desktop log-ins

AT&T Introduces IoT Starter Kit For Solution Providers
AT&T today announced the availability of an Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit to help communications solutions providers (CSPs) develop IoT solutions for their customers

Canadian Wireless Service Providers Must Join the National Public Alerting System
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today announced that all wireless service providers must allow emergency management officials such as fire marshals and police agencies to warn Canadians on their mobile devices of dangers to life and property as of April 2018

Huawei to Provide Cloud Platform To Drive Pacific Telecom Digital Transformation
Huawei today announced it will provide a cloud hosting platform enabling operators throughout the Pacific Islands to offer cloud-based gaming music and video services while unlocking new opportunities for consumers enterprises and governments

New Virtualized Functionality Platform Advances 5G, IoT Technology to Provide Seamless Connectcivity
Benu Networks has announced a newly-patented software platform for virtualized network cloud functionality that enables the rapid creation and delivery of next-generation IP services over a converged infrastructure


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