Navigating Economic Headwinds with Automation

By: Michael Ramsey

With rising customer expectations and the need to stay competitive, organizations must find ways to lower costs while driving efficiency and delivering exceptional customer experiences. According to research from Forrester, organizations that solve customer problems quickly and communicate clearly are more likely to retain customers and drive higher spending. To navigate these challenges and succeed in the long term, organizations must invest in technology that drives ROI and fast time to value. Automation has proven integral in eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing organizations to free employees’ time so they can focus on higher-value activities and more strategic initiatives, while streamlining processes to solve customer issues fast…

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Turning Innovation into Revenue

By: N. Harrison Ripps

As a member of your organization’s emerging technologies team, your mission is to rapidly explore emerging technologies via experimentation and use your findings to help the business decide how to continuously evolve your corporate technical strategy. In many cases, emerging technologies teams are very small by design, which enables them to work quickly and take big risks. However, this also means that when the team discovers a promising project, they are not the most ideally suited to bring that work to customers…

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Networking for Practical
Quantum Applications

By: Scott Packard, Shane Sexton

Like artificial intelligence, large language models, and the metaverse, quantum technology is very much a topic of current interest. Quantum technology promises to leverage quantum mechanics to achieve previously inconceivable goals in computational complexity, speed and security in communications, and precision and accuracy in sensing and measurement. Quantum mechanics help us understand how the smallest particles in our universe behave, often contrary to our classical understanding of the visible world…

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The Enterprise Guide to 5G Advanced

By: Ali Jemmali, Vladan Jevremovic

There is little doubt today that 5G has failed to meet expectations. For both consumers and enterprises alike, 5G has underwhelmed in terms of its delivery thus far. However, the blame for this lack of enthusiasm primarily falls on the outsized marketing claims of the wireless industry, combined with a lack of education on how and when the capabilities of 5G would be delivered. For example, end-users were promised ten times the data rate of LTE networks. However, those rates are only available on mmWave 5G networks, and those are mostly deployed only in high-density networks such as stadiums, convention centers, or hotspots…

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Six Tips for Leaders on a
Digital Transformation Journey

By: Chet Patel

Every enterprise customer I speak to globally says they are on a digital transformation journey. And the journey truly includes some major transformations. These companies are looking at how they can improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of their business functions, operations, and how they do work—it’s about how they get work done within their organization. From these conversations, I have drawn six key common themes these companies are all thinking about, regardless of the lens; they view these same themes through their specific priorities for transformation…

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Generative AI Attacks Require Dynamic Defense

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., William Yeack, CSE

Knives and Bombs Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is giving cybersecurity attackers a huge jump in capability. Today’s widely deployed defending technology is unable to stay ahead of it. It’s as though attackers are acquiring bombs, while defenders are still wielding knives. (See Illustration #1.) Without effective defenses, the defenders may not be able to protect themselves and a lot of innocent people on the periphery may be hurt. Effective defenses must be developed quickly. Today’s defenses can be characterized as “static…

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How Corporate Giants Are Leveraging
Blockchain for Business Innovation

By: Jan-Jaap Jager

Blockchain has been making headway with big names and brands in recent months. We’re starting to see global household names and corporations adopting this technology for a number of reasons. Starbucks has launched its Odyssey experience, which brings a sense of community to its customers. Members can buy and collect digital stamps and NFTs and get exclusive offers to be part of new and immersive experiences. The program has proved so popular with fans that their first paid collection of NFTs—each priced at $100—sold out in under 20 minutes…

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The Billion-Dollar, Fixed-Wireless-Access Opportunity

By: Toby Forman

5G cellular network performance is evolving rapidly across the globe. Over a six-month period, local testing has shown new levels of performance in both indoor and outdoor 5G networks. 5G is maturing and beginning to deliver on its promise of 1 Gbps download speeds. Cellular performance remains varied across the globe, but the overall trend is toward higher speeds, lower latencies, and greater resiliency in cellular networks. 5G is ramping up in 2023 and showing the viability of fixed wireless access as a simple, efficient, and reliable alternative to broadband or other terrestrial network infrastructure…

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Data Center Sustainability:
Going Beyond Energy Efficiency

By: David Craig

When considering the recent strides the data center industry has made to become more sustainable, the iceberg theory is an apt illustration. The tip of the iceberg represents energy efficiency—often the most talked-about measure in greening data centers. But the submerged 90 percent of the iceberg is comprised of essential elements that have a significant impact. While there is no doubt that energy efficiency is an important metric, it doesn’t tell the whole story. For long-term change to occur, the entire sustainability chain—from embodied carbon to IT components to renewable energy sources—needs to be part of the equation…

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Navigating the Telco-to-Techco Transition

By: Angus Ward

By strategic intent or by default, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are making a choice between two pathways. The first (also the default option) is to focus purely on connectivity and to prepare for an increased sophistication in connectivity solutions with a move to consumption and outcome (such as including resilience and security) based models. Ultimately, it’s a step to pivoting to network-as-a-service (NaaS) wrapping in all infrastructure elements and offering highly configurable virtual functions as services…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Innovation is a curious thing, and curiosity is the very heart of innovation. It’s the ability to question what is and what could be. Or, how something could, should, or would be different. Innovation is often viewed as the stuff of science fiction, and that wouldn’t be entirely wrong. In some cases, life does imitate art. But it’s the innovators who can see the interwoven matrix of life, art, and the possibilities; and they’re driven by the simple question of “what if?” Those who dare to dream, and those who strive to make that dream a reality continually change our world—along with our view of it…

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Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline


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