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For years, Subex has been researching IoT threats by planting vulnerable devices, called “honey pots” around the world to gather information and record threat types and patterns.
base, it has the technology, products, and reference-able deployment scenarios to support their services offering. This specific domain expertise, coupled with its internal knowledge trust within its people, makes their solutions and services offering fairly unique. Other large players in the space may not have the extensive domain expertise or depth of product knowledge. By leveraging its own people to deliver its services and products Subex is striving to better serve its customers who benefit by shorter deployment cycles, deriving more value out of its products, and cultivating a stronger partnership with Subex.

Solutions: The Technology

If I were to summarize Subex’s portfolio of solutions and what they do, I would define that in three essential areas:

  • Drive New Business Models: Pivot offerings around revenue, open new revenue streams in emerging business areas and allied services, leverage the partner ecosystem
  • Enhance customer experience: Retain existing customers and acquire new customers using analytics, leverage business insights to better understand customer behaviour for deeper engagement
  • Optimize enterprise: Enable operational excellence by focusing on maximizing revenue and mitigating business risks, ensure year-over-year cost savings to make investments for the future

Today, Subex is leveraging its domain expertise in these areas to focus on newer offerings specifically related to Partner Management, Mitigating Risk and Big Data and Advanced Analytics.  These areas all had a significant role in the traditional telco, but this has an even more important role in a digital service provider.

Partner management

Operators are quickly realizing they have no choice but to transform into a digital service provider to make up for losses in traditional voice and messaging revenues. As they transform to try to capitalize on new digital service offerings, the ecosystem gets exponentially more complex. Partner management and revenue management become a business imperative. Whether operators are trying to compete directly with OTT or launch their own content-rich services, they are going to need a solution that can profitably manage those expansive relationships. Video, for example, which integral to any digital service offering, is complex enough. Add mobile gaming, news, real-time event coverage and other content and smart devices into to the mix and the complexity quickly starts to explode. Subex has adapted its technology to keep up with the complex partner ecosystem so its customers can focus on building their business.

Security and risk

Similarly, protecting against fraud and risk becomes paramount as operators transform. Subex has core expertise in identify risks and mitigating them. Again, this has applicability in the traditional telco environment; but, as operators transform and billions of new devices come on line, the need to proactively identify and eliminate threats is critical.

With everything from home pacemakers to video cameras being vulnerable to attack, the threat is real and the threat is now. In the U.S., a sophisticated IoT-based DDoS attack against ISP Dyn, leveraging tens of millions of hacked video cameras, took down the internet across the East Coast and notable sites such as Amazon, PayPal, Netflix, and Twitter. In the U.K., a massive cyberattack against the ISP TalkTalk led to a reported loss of one hundred thousand customers at an estimated cost of 60 million pounds.

To help its customers identify and prevent threats like these, Subex has leveraged their expertise in both the fraud management and network discovery areas to scan networks for both behavioral and dormant indicators that signify a potential threat. For years, the company has been researching IoT threats by planting vulnerable devices, called “honey pots” around the world to gather information and record threat types and patterns. This research has been compiled into an extensive library that can be leveraged in virtually any infrastructure environment. Subex has incorporated this into their fraud detection technology to provide its customers with tools to ensure, as the multitude of devices come online, their network and their business will be secure.


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