Vendor Spotlight: Subex

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

If you haven’t looked at Subex recently, it’s worth taking a look at them now.

Subex has emerged from a period of major rejuvenation; shedding all its debt and strengthening its robust portfolio – including an increased focus on driving new business models, enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the enterprise  – with higher operational visibility into revenues and renewed commitment to creating shareholder wealth. More importantly, it’s doing this to leverage its key assets to help their customers better contend with digital transformation.

While the company has many well-defined product areas, it has found that its customers require increasingly custom solutions and it has started to evolve to meet their needs. This is, apparently, being well received with its services revenue nearly doubling in the last year alone.

Historically, you may think of Subex as the OSS/BSS company powered by the ROC® (Revenue Operations Center) suite. The ROC suite encompasses revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimization and partner settlement areas. Subex today is a vibrant, debt-free company with a bright future built upon the company’s underlying core principles of people, technology and customers. These three pillars are poised to support them through the foreseeable future, as the market shifts into key areas of digital transformation. Key areas that just happen to be in the direct path of Subex.

Subexians: The People

For a brief period seemingly long ago, I was a proud “Subexian", a term the company uses to describe its staff. While serving on the board at Pipeline, I also was engaged to help Subex craft and hone its global marketing strategy.  During this time, I got to experience firsthand what it meant to be a Subexian and I can tell you people and, more specifically, creating a strong company culture is integral to the Subex fabric. 

That same principle still rings true today. In fact, over 10 percent of Subexians have a tenure of over 10 years with the company; which provides a remarkable knowledge trust.  Subex also says it's seeing a high degree of former Subexians returning to their workforce, strengthening the company’s rich technical and cultural base. But high retention rates can also sometimes lead to stagnation. Subex offsets this risk by investing heavily in new talent, with 85 percent of its staff being comprised of tech-savvy Millennials, and motivates them with new technology areas such as machine learning. It’s this blend of old and new – and product and people – that is preparing Subex for what’s ahead and allows them to leverage their core expertise around new and exciting development areas. 

Subex is also leveraging its staff to focus more heavily on solutions and services. This illustrates a fundamental shift from being a product-focused company to being a trusted and long-term business solution provider to its customers. This demonstrates a renewed commitment to its customers’ success and differentiates them from some of the other players in this space. Because of Subex’s deep customer and product install


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