The A-Z's of Mobile World Congress 2017

closed source and proprietary mobile platforms, open source M-CORD architecture and applications will accelerate agile service innovation with improved economics, making mobility more cost-efficient, more software-programmable and more cloud-elastic. The M-CORD use cases will be running on commodity hardware and on Radisys’ DCEngine platform, an open hardware solution built to the Open Compute Project’s CG-OpenRack-19 specification. These use-case demonstrations include:
  • Demo 1: End-to-end slicing, including RAN slicing and EPC slicing;
  • Demo 2: Disaggregated Mobility Management Entity (MME) and connectionless gateway for static IoT devices;
  • Demo 3: Mobile edge service for public safety applications; and
  • Demo 4: Network assurance – testing-as-a-service.

To arrange a meeting with Radisys, contact Lori Mesecke in advance of the event or ask for Ray Adensamer on site.


The Digital Revolution will be a make-or-break opportunity for Telcos and, to stay ahead of the curb, they will need to embrace it at the core. At the heart of the digital revolution are consumers who are now demanding for more powerful devices, enhanced social identities, improved connectivity, more sources for entertainment and information, and flexibility. Unsurprisingly, due to these facets of digitalization, the telecom industry becomes a critical element in the digitalization process across multiple sectors.

With 20 years of domain expertise, Subex, as a strategic partner for service providers, will be showcasing its capabilities around advanced analytics and IoT along with other solutions like digital assurance, risk management, partner management, agile networks and customer experience management, to embrace the digital revolution.

You can visit Subex in Hall 5 at MWC 2017.  Contact Ramya Raj to schedule a meeting at the show, or ask for her at the Subex exhibit, #5F10.

Viavi Solutions

Visit Viavi Solutions in Hall 2 at the 2017 Mobile World Congress! This year, Viavi is focusing on meeting with customers, giving them more time to share and discuss the most important issues that they’re seeing in the industry. Many of Viavi’s top executives will be there to meet with you. 

To support you as you prepare for the evolution to 5G, Viavi will be highlighting their solutions for automation, monetization, app-aware intelligence, virtualization, and network density. To arrange a meeting contact Jeff Lesniak or ask for him on site.

Wind River

You can find Wind River® at the Intel booth in Hall 3 at MWC 2017. The Wind River® Titanium Cloud offerings provide the industry's only fully-integrated, ultra-reliable, and deployment-ready virtualization software platform. Whether it be for services providers in telecommunications or those in other critical infrastructure industries, Titanium Cloud delivers a software architecture to deploy carrier-grade virtualized services faster, at lower cost, and with guaranteed up time.

Titanium Cloud includes a comprehensive portfolio of technologies to build and deploy high-performance, ultra-reliable virtual networks, including carrier-grade configurations of Linux, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization, accelerated vSwitch, OpenStack, lifecycle development tools and scalable storage. Titanium Cloud enables an application-ready software platform that runs virtual functions with carrier grade reliability and is built to support rapid service deployment and the intensive performance, strict reliability, and security requirements of the world’s most demanding computing and communications networks.

Contact Jeff Gowan to schedule a meeting at the show or ask for him on site.


In addition to its UNItivity wideband distributed wireless solution for in-building cellular, public safety, and Wi-Fi, Zinwave will be showing a new Converged Media Remote that connects up to 3 Power Over Ethernet devices (Wi-Fi APs, cameras, sensors, etc.) so they can share the UNItivity system’s all-fiber connectivity architecture. Zinwave will also show a new small cell point of interface (SC-POI) that allows users to seamlessly connect up to four small cells as signal sources for Zinwave’s multi-frequency DAS.

Zinwave has the only in-building wireless solution on the market that natively supports from 150MHz to 2700 MHz without equipment upgrades, and it will also announce that it plans to extend its frequency support into the 3-6GHz range in 2017, making it possible to support LTE-U, LAA, and MulteFire through its wide-band architecture. To meet with Zinwave at MWC 2017, contact John Spindler before the event or ask for Ana Mehryari on site.


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