From Spark to Flame - the Journey to Build a Better Bill

The solution greatly boosts customer satisfaction and helps reduce costly calls to customer service, resulting in huge cost savings for service providers.


Brite:Bill believes that the long-term key to omnichannel success lies in highly personalized customer engagement. With the solution, service providers can engage with customers in a whole new way: pre-empting questions, tackling issues and highlighting appropriate new services through personalized, persuasive content. The bill is transformed into a personalized communication with targeted, relevant information. Brite:Bill can tailor both Care and Sales & Marketing messages to pro-actively help each and every subscriber.

The end result is billing communications that are visually compelling, clear, and easy to understand, greatly improving customer experience and satisfaction. Brite:Bill puts a co-ordinated customer workflow at the heart of its personalized bill presentation solutions. Every bill is focused on the customer’s needs and wants, going far beyond being just a demand for payment.


As a design-led company, Brite:Bill, believes that the elegance and simplicity of great design should be applied to bills, and that’s a big part of how it delivers value. Experts know how to achieve the best outcomes for both the service provider and the customer when it comes to the bill.  It has developed unique insights through the application of disciplines such as information architecture, behavioral science, and user experience. When developing its design, the company considered all aspects from fonts and colors, to tone of voice. It also gives providers the ability to connect with customers in a more meaningful way. Its creative team helps providers shape what to say, how to say it, and where to place key targeted messages and calls to action. Together, Brite:Bill and its growing client base work on creating customer communications that are easier to understand and radically improve the customer experience.

The solution greatly boosts customer satisfaction and helps reduce costly calls to customer service, resulting in huge cost savings for service providers. The improved customer experience increases customer loyalty and retention and ultimately is reflected in increased revenues.

Bills offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with each customer in a personalized way, and to position new goods and services in the context of each individual customer’s existing services and relationship with the service provider. Research has shown that if a new product is framed in a personal and contextual way, the customer is four times more likely to sign up.

With Brite:Bill, service providers can present billing information in a flexible, personal, and intuitive way—a way that pre-empts problems and answers questions without the need for the customer to pick up the phone.

Business customers also get the insights they need through tailored analytics and customizable dashboards to easily understand costs and service usage through beautifully rendered, easily understood graphs, tables, and alerts. 

Service providers are at the forefront of how consumers are adopting new digital services. They face a challenge in ensuring their products, services and processes are tuned to the highest standards of customer experience. Failure to do so will be treated harshly by customers who have increasingly high expectations.

Brite:Bill is changing the billing paradigm.  What was once just a cold revenue collection notice can now be a personalized communication and this is how true customer relationship management can flourish.  Everyone is aware that bills can be perceived in a very negative way, and Brite:Bill is changing that perception.  This innovative approach is why tier one service providers are sitting up and taking notice of Brite:Bill.  In an age where most of us have smartphones and tablets, Brite:Bill makes bills more interesting, more informative, more helpful… and less like bills! Putting all the billing information, and more, at customers’ fingertips.

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