Loving Legacy and the 3 Vs of Big Data

By: Scott St. John

Very few organizations dare to even dream about a rip-and-replace approach, which represents a stark contrast to the vast number of technology providers that either promote this approach, or whose solutions require it.  Rip and replace is costly, time consuming, and fraught with risk – and it can be a career killer for anyone daring enough to try to take it on. But legacy, by its very nature, doesn’t keep up. In today’s climate of rapid change and obligatory transformation, service providers must be nimble to compete…

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3 Components to Successful Digital Transformation

By: Andrew Morawski

The line between our daily lives and digital lives has never been more blurred. Whether it’s buying a pair of shoes online, liking a Facebook post, or sharing a photo from a family party, digital systems and applications have ingrained themselves into our regular day-to-day. With this integration of digital into our personal lives comes the need for businesses to do the same. Customers expect a seamless experience across digital and physical platforms. This is why one of the biggest trends discussed today is digital transformation…

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5G Drives Service Innovation

By: Tim Young

As most of you know, AT&T and Verizon just a few weeks ago wrapped up a bidding war for Straight Path Communications. Verizon came out on top with a $3.1 billion offer. The prize? Straight Path’s vast swath of high-frequency spectrum. And as Bloomberg’s Paul Barbagallo and Todd Shields noted, that spectrum would have blended beautifully with the FiberTower spectrum AT&T secured earlier in the year (FiberTower’s spectrum, like Straight Path’s, is in the 39 gigahertz frequency band)…

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Intraway: Preparing for The Age of Now

By: Scott St. John

We are now standing at the threshold of a new age. Today. Now. An age where humans and the necessity of their interactions will diminish. An age where the physical gives way to the virtual. An age where technology will matter far more, and our value will change. This is an era where the systems we program will teach us, guide us, and do many of the things we once did. In fact, our dependence on it may become both our greatest strength and vulnerability. The signs are all around us. We are already seeing the realization of artificial intelligence technology and application of it…

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From Spark to Flame - the Journey to Build a Better Bill

By: Orla Power

Brite:Bill, an Amdocs company, is a specialist billing software company that transforms the way service providers present and manage billing communications to their customers. The company started life in 2010 as a consumer-focused online bill storage service, winning the inaugural Spark Of Genius award at the Dublin Web Summit that same year. The prestigious award recognizes companies with significant potential and promise. They were right: Brite:Bill has since grown into a successful global player, which led to its recent acquisition by Amdocs…

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Innovation & Start-ups

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

There is a growing consensus that today’s telcos must innovate in order to survive and prosper. The move to cloud computing is seen by many telcos as the model for telco transformation. In the creation of cloud computing, start-ups played a key role. To achieve their transformation vision telcos need to learn to work effectively with innovative start-ups empowering the small number of thought leaders in the large companies. Barriers to innovationThe challenge that confronts telcos today is to reform an ecosystem that has produced telco networks that don’t adequately meet the needs of their end users, operators, nor owners…

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Harnessing Intelligent Automation and Machine Learning for Improved Service

By: Gabby Nizri

Telecom and communications service providers have long struggled with how to do more with less. With tight budgets and scarcity of qualified technology professionals on the rise, telecom service providers need an alternative that will enable them to work smarter, not harder. Advanced IT automation and machine learning solutions have the potential to do just that. But not all intelligent solutions are alike. The differences between automation, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are important to understand when evaluating these technologies…

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Real Live Voice as the Next Killer App

By: David Walsh

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the near future, we’ll witness hundreds of millions of consumers interacting with machines using conversational voice in intuitive ways. This goes way beyond Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus and into many more realms, introducing us to the sophisticated and connected relationship between humans and machines.   Visionaries now are talking about advancements such as virtual friends for the aging population, who are able to hang out with mom during the day and share stories while also attending to her basic needs and organizing help from humans as necessary…

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The Customer IS the Store

By: Lewis Sears

(Safely) “Driving” sales of consumer products I’m glad we can all agree that texting and driving is a menace to society, and no one would ever do that. But a recent study shows that perhaps I’m a little naïve. Even so, I’d like to give drivers the benefit of the doubt and assume that when it comes to online purchasing, all hands are off phones until the car is safely parked. Indeed, these days, there’s nothing unusual about logging into an app, performing a search, and ordering your mother flowers while still strapped into the driver’s seat… Our digital connections pervade every aspect of our lives…

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How Telecom Companies Can Ensure Customer Needs Are Met During Mergers

By: Amit Ben

Mobile users in India are on their way to being better connected as Vodafone and Idea finalize their merger and set their sights on bringing 4G network performance to consumers across the country. When it comes to being better connected to loved ones, streaming their favorite content or conducting business via a mobile device, the merger is good news for prospective and current customers.  However, as with any merger, there is also a sense of uncertainty as the two companies begin to iron out the details of their new relationship…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

“I want to put a ding in the universe.”-Steve Jobs Innovation is a beautiful mash-up of failure, aspiration, creation, exasperation, criticism, and, occasionally, triumph. It’s what our industry is built on, sure. But it’s what every industry is built on. It’s why we aren’t grunting in caves right now. The beauty of innovative thinking within the context of communications and entertainment technology—the sphere in which we operate—is that we are well-positioned to enable innovation for everyone else…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Jim Schakenbach

Several technology trends continued to gather steam this month, including all things virtualized, 5G, and security-related developments. Also, it was a big month for corporate movers and shakers, with several high-profile mergers and acquisitions. Technology Talk Network function virtualization remains red hot. Telco Systems and Silver Peak introduced a joint plug-and-play vCPE SD-WAN solution to provide telcos and managed service providers with the flexibility to quickly roll out and monetize new tiered VNF managed services…

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