Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Despite the backdrop of recession and geopolitical upheaval, virtually every aspect of our global society is accelerating toward technology, automation, and interconnectivity. Simply consider the computing power of the phone in your pocket, the exponential growth in connected devices (15.4 billion and counting), or the unprecedented adoption of AI technology – and you can be certain we’re entering a new era of digital transformation.

In fact, AI is now outperforming Moore’s Law doubling computational power every three to four months, versus two years previously.  The impact of AI technology is being felt across almost every industry, and there’s really no limit to the potential business applications or use cases. Pipeline is no exception, either. The ability for generative AI to create content and art, consume data and information, or to apply efficiency through automation all fit squarely into our wheelhouse. In fact, this issue of Pipeline features an exclusive article written primarily by OpenAI’s ChatGPT on the future of AI, and the cover page image is a self-portrait of artificial intelligence created by OpenAI’s DALL-E generative AI.

But no great opportunity comes without risk. Risks, for example, that ChatGPT fully realizes and repeats frequently in our discussion with it. Which is why it’s important that we carefully, responsibly, and ethically consider the impact and consequences as we embark into this new era of transformation. That we contemplate trust in a new, digital and automated world. And not just for AI, which is just one transformative technology, but that we also consider the convergence of technologies and the impact they may have.

As an industry, we are connecting people, businesses, buildings, towns, cities, continents and even planets; and laying the foundation for brand new, virtual worlds. We’re providing access and connectivity for health monitoring, smart homes, and ushering in a new era of industrial automation. It’s an incredible opportunity to transform the world we live in, but we must do so carefully. What we do today will transform our tomorrow—which is what makes this issue of Pipeline so important.

In this issue of Pipeline, we look at the ways in which technology is transforming our lives. In a conversation with Pipeline, OpenAI’s ChatGPT discusses the role, future and risks of AI. Nokia Bell Labs illustrates how the network is making the metaverse a reality, and iconectiv underscores the imperative of global, digital trust. GigNet discusses digital transformation in Silicon Maya, and how it is being used to enable ubiquitous connectivity. Bluebird Network tells us how regional data centers are leading the edge expansion, and MATRIXX charts industry progress with a blueprint for telco transformation. VIAVI Solutions explores 5G opportunities for hyperscalers and their role in a connected world. Fujitsu explains how MNOs can unlock true network value by embracing cloud technologies. OQ Technology discusses how 5G and satellite connectivity are opening the door for IoT everywhere and HomeGrid Forum reveals how technology can be applied to IIoT and smart city use cases. All this plus the latest enterprise and communications technology news and more.

We hope you enjoy this and every issue of Pipeline.

Scott St. John
Managing Editor

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