Going Beyond Connectivity in an
Evolving IoT Ecosystem

By: Pete Koat

As Internet of Things (IoT) deployments continue to proliferate worldwide, more service providers seek to derive value from this digital revolution by delivering business services that address different verticals and geographic markets. However, given the massive volumes of devices, connections, and partners associated with IoT projects, several elements need to be addressed when setting up and managing all the parts of such a complex digital ecosystem. Fundamentally, an IoT program's success depends on the ability to establish reliable operations, deliver complete end-to-end solutions, and have the right network and device management solution in place to mitigate costs and scale services…

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Paving the Way for a Fully Connected World

By: Ludovico Fassati

After the volatility of the last year, many businesses are exploring different ways to improve their organization. By putting the rollercoaster of 2020 in the rearview mirror, companies can start rethinking their existing business models and revenue streams and focus on what will drive their businesses forward. An important place to start in rebuilding for the future is by looking at how technology is infused across the business. In fact, in a recent study 71 percent of organizations reported they have made at least one new technology investment in direct response to COVID-19 over the last year…

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IoT Devices: How Small Is Too Small?

By: Ken Everett

After a year hampered by COVID-19, Internet of Things (IoT) spending is rebounding, with double-digit growth expected in 2021, and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3 percent over the 2020-2024 period, according to analyst firm IDC. As awareness of the Internet of Things market grows, businesses of all sizes and in every industry are continuously thinking about ways they can incorporate IoT into their day-to-day activities to drive down cost and improve efficiencies. According to a study by analyst firm ABI Research, asset tracking is one of the highest-growth segments in the IoT market…

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Harvesting Agricultural IoT's Potential

By: Jean-Michel Rouylou

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly progressed from a technology subject to speculation and hype, to a legitimate target of investment receiving attention from a range of industries and businesses. The IoT industry has seen a boom in application and solution development, bringing costs down. The declining price of equipment like sensors is likely to result in increased uptake. This trend is likely to continue as 5G applications and connectivity accelerate these technological advances and broaden the possibilities of the IoT’s capabilities…

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Taming the IoT Wild West

By: Brian Davis

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be described as the Wild West of the RF world. It’s a relatively new frontier with an immensely diverse array of technologies, multiple standards from different global organizations, and little compatibility. All are competing for marketshare and not everyone will be left standing. Test and measurement can be considered the sheriff, providing a means to develop, produce, and verify designs and well-performing IoT devices and networks. Naturally, IoT brings a new set of challenges, particularly in mission-critical applications such as healthcare, factory automation, transportation, and utilities…

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Safeguarding Satellites for a Generation

By: Thorsten Stremlau

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, there were over 3,300 operational satellites orbiting the earth at the start of 2021, with hundreds of others planned for launch. From supporting worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and geolocation capabilities to assisting with military intelligence, satellites are becoming an integral part of everyday life. This proliferation of satellites is only set to increase, with many firms planning to send whole fleets into the skies to meet the rising global demand for digitalization and connectivity…

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Baking Security into Cellular IoT Deployments

By: Adam Weinberg

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing some of the most change-resistant businesses into the vanguard of the digital age. Utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and a wide range of other industries are revolutionizing their operations with smart, interconnected devices and sensors. For many of these enterprises, private cellular networks are the obvious solution for getting these devices to talk to each other in the field. The pace of cellular IoT adoption is picking up, driven by cellular standards designed to fit the low-power, low-cost requirements common to large-scale IoT implementations…

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The Private 5G IoT Security Imperative

By: Jimmy Jones

Just 10 years ago, cellphones had a single camera on the back, Jeff Bezos’ billions of dollars was only in the tens, and mobile networks were just evolving from 3G to 4G. A lot has happened since then, but just how far telecom networks have come during this time is often lost in the blasé way we talk about MHz and GBs. Think of it this way. Back then, the first Tesla, the Roadster, was the only model available and had a top speed of 125 mph. If Mr. Musk had kept pace with the evolution of telecom networks, his “5G Roadster” would clock 29,761 mph, meaning you could drive Route 66 in under five minutes…

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Advancing Public Safety with IoT Interoperability

By: Ken Figueredo

Many Internet of Things (IoT) systems solve a single problem. They are designed as standalone or one-off solutions because organizations are often under pressure to deploy a solution quickly. As a result, it is easier to adapt an existing system by bolting on the components that enable connectivity, for remote access and data gathering, and linking to a cloud-based data management system for analytics and visualization purposes. During the design phase, it is also easy to overlook how such a system might evolve or be supported in a lifecycle sense…

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Letter from the Editor: Evolution

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Evolution is persistent, constant, and there is a certain purity to it. The things that must change do, and others remain unchanged as reminders of what once was. In nature, many caterpillars keep their spots, even as they are almost entirely transformed through metamorphosis. Sharks are still here today and serve as a reminder of our prehistoric past. The duck-billed platypus is a living demonstration of just how messy evolution can be. But, at the heart of evolution is the necessity for change…

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Technology Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

We’re moving forward into a new normal, some of our pandemic shifts and habits are here to stay. This is the thread emerging from research released this month from a variety of sources, including from the Ericsson ConsumerLab on consumer behavior, Juniper Research on smartphones, and several specialist cybersecurity firms. These headlines make our focus on this month’s issue theme—IoT and the Device Revolution—that much more relevant, as it is through our connected devices that some of the next great leaps forward are coming…

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