Supporting the Next Generation of Handsets

By: Tim Young

As this month’s issue of Pipeline is focused on the ongoing mobile device revolution, it is unsurprising to anyone keeping pace with the buzz of our industry that the bulk of the coverage is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). No mystery there, as that segment is poised to grow rapidly in the years to come. Forecasts and estimates include a projected 32.6 CAGR until 2020 (McKinsey) and a predicted $60 Trillion in industrial IoT investment over the next 15 years (General Electric). And as keen as we all are on the massive potential of the growing universe of connected devices, it’s not as if our connected car or electricity meter or toaster oven is our most frequent portal into the network…

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Industrial IoT Demands 'Platforms' and Intelligence at 'the Edge'

By: Susana Schwartz

Industrial IoT will increase production and inspire new business models with intelligence-driven innovation, but operators must first invest in IoT “platforms” and in moving intelligence to the edge of the network so they can fully monetize the performance and latency advantages of smart industrial applications. The Industrial Internet refers to the combination of Big Data analytics with the IoT. Industrial IoT will affect nearly two-thirds of GDP, and revolutionize how humans, machines, sensors, actuators, devices, objects and “things” interact…

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Device Security: The Achilles Heel of the Internet of Things

By: Michael Vedomske

For many businesses, security remains an afterthought; something that is rarely considered seriously when implementing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Why should business leaders be more proactive about comprehensive security practices? Because not doing so means investments to build IoT solutions that improve processes and draw insight from valuable data are exposed to outside attacks and sabotage. Businesses should assign to security the same importance they do to the design of IoT networks and devices…

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Shaping the Future of IoT

By: Sanjay Khatri

New technologies and standards like LPWAN and 5G will impact the way service providers implement IoT strategies, but IoT security remains an underlying priority.  There are several driving forces that are shaping broad IoT adoption today, as well as more specific factors that are shaping the future of IoT use across every industry. For service providers specifically, these factors will significantly impact the way they implement an IoT strategy and harness IoT value. Service providers around the world are addressing a more diverse set of business needs from their growing customer base…

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Preparing for Tsunami of Data

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

The move to digitize everything is entering an inflection point that leads to an extremely large increase in data volume. Even single applications are beginning to create Exabytes of data. Current planning in the industry around 5G indicates that many participants are thinking that things will be essentially the same, just bigger.  This will not be the case. They will be unprepared for the tsunami of data unless there are fundamental changes in the ways CSPs and enterprises architect and operate their networks…

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IoT Monetization Starts with a Vertical Approach

By: Paul Hughes

The heyday of the dot com era was a great time to be in IT. Endless venture capital firms flooded the sector, Internet startups seemed to emerge on a daily basis, and they were offering all sorts of applications and services, and there seemed to be an endless stream of new technology options for the enterprise and the consumer. There was one inherent problem with the majority of those businesses: When asked the question, “What is your revenue generation strategy?” more often than not, the question would elicit either a blank stare or answers such as “our technology is revolutionary” or “we’ll worry about that when the time comes…

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IoT-centric Business, Technology and Billing Challenges for CSPs

By: James Messer

CSPs must embrace rapidly evolving IoT marketplaces, technologies and services to drive new revenue and stay competitive. Whether sold directly to consumers and businesses, or through partnerships, solutions like connected cities and cars, telemedicine, utilities and agriculture, and “pureplay” connectivity solutions (LTE-M, LPWAN, 4/5G) are complicated endeavors. This is particularly true when coupled with their respective ecosystems, bundling, and partnering challenges. Considerations like the cost to serve, configurability and scalability are especially challenging in light of the numerous legacy systems deployed in many CSP environments…

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Letter from the Editor: July 2017

By: Tim Young

-------“Hell, Chandra– he’s only a machine”Chandra looked at Max with such a steady, confident gaze that the younger man quickly dropped his eyes.“So are we all, Mr. Brailovsky. It is merely a matter of degree. Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”…

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Telecom Industry News - July 2017

By: Jim Schakenbach

It may be the lazy, hazy days of summer for some, but not the telecom industry. Improved connectivity is driving the IoT market while combating fraud is fueling activity on the security front and ways to improve signal performance in increasingly dense metro areas is pushing equipment innovation. Improving How Machines Talk to Each Other A new wireless connectivity solution from Cyprus Semiconductor Corporation combines three technologies for improved IoT communications. The company has introduced a new WICED-powered Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solution with integrated USB that streamlines robust wireless IoT connectivity with a common WLAN and Bluetooth interface…

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