How Satellite Connectivity Can Ensure
Mission-critical IoT Operations

By: Michael Minchin

When you’re close to a city, with developed road and telecommunication systems, a vehicle breakdown is often little more than a minor inconvenience. Imagine, however, that same scenario somewhere out in the plains of Africa or the Australian outback, where cellular coverage is patchy and it is a several-hour drive to the nearest town. For organizations operating in these areas, the priority is ensuring the safety of personnel, especially in extreme climates. But there could also be serious commercial and reputational consequences if connectivity failures make it impossible to access the network and the data and applications that run on it…

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Delivering Pervasive In-Building
Wireless Connectivity with CBRS

By: Slavko Djukic

Today's mobile subscribers demand quality service everywhere, all the time – from commercial buildings and event venues to college campuses, manufacturing plants, and subways. Yet delivery of pervasive in-building connectivity presents myriad challenges, particularly as mobile network technologies continue to evolve. How can network operators and system integrator ensure quality in-building service? Tackle RF Challenges Although mobile networks provide pervasive wide-area coverage in most cities and suburbs worldwide, many legacy radio frequency (RF) bands do not penetrate building materials very well…

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Charting the Course to 6G

By: Reg Cox, Anita Doehler

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN) guides a course for the future of communication networks by taking a proactive stance and emphasizing the need for new paradigms that enable intelligent technological evolution and successful value creation and delivery. NGMN’s recently published 6G Position Statement: An Operator View offers clear recommendations from the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) community, challenging the conventional approach of introducing a new technology generation by shining a light on the challenges our industry currently faces, and highlighting the importance of streamlining network operations, prioritizing sustainability and delivering compelling new 6G services and capabilities for the benefit of end-users…

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Is it Time to Convert to 100% Wireless
Enterprise Connectivity?

By: Andy Daudelin

Is wired access to your buildings and remote offices quickly becoming obsolete? Once a poor alternative to direct connectivity, recent advancements in coverage, speed, and reliability have made wireless a preferred option in many scenarios. With the rollout of 5G enabling up to 1 Gbps, almost ubiquitous coverage, and business-grade offers by the top service providers, wireless can meet most service needs with increased reliability. No more weeks to months of delivery time and no more risk of cable cuts taking out service – attractive features driving the start of a major shift in access architecture…

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Leveraging Cloud-native Principles and
Automation for Next Generation WLANs

By: Suresh Katukam

Over the past 26 years Wi-Fi has proven itself to be the bedrock of today’s Local Area Network (LAN). As a result, it also serves as the foundation upon which most of today’s businesses function. That said, the ongoing “digital transformation” driving so many business decisions today is bringing massive changes to IT infrastructure as we know it. This is driven by the continued migration of enterprise data and applications to the cloud. With the vast majority of enterprises running mission-critical applications in a “cloud first” approach and consuming services like Zoom and Salesforce via a cloud-based subscription model, the question is not if, but when, this paradigm shift will impact the enterprise wireless LAN, a historically hardware-dependent network model that has proven itself resistant to change…

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Demand and Drivers for 5G Densification

By: Justin Berger

There has been much excitement regarding the promise of 5G connectivity. At its inception, 5G was set to improve all aspects of our lives. However, the rollout of the technology has not been at the expected pace. Thankfully, things are changing. According to a recent report which explores the vital role 5G plays in today’s digital landscape, 71 percent of decision makers in mobile network operators (MNOs), public, and private sector organizations in the U.K., Ireland, and the U.S., are now more confident in 5G than ever before…

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Automation is the Key to Realizing
the Full Potential of 5G

By: Marco Gatti

While the benefits of increased capacity, lower latency, and increased bandwidth are well known, the full spectrum of new 5G business opportunities for operators will only arrive with 5G standalone.  Non-standalone 5G allows operators to offer customers additional capacity and improved data rates by means of a 5G coverage overlay founded on the 4G network core. New B2C and B2B business cases such as gaming, V2X and IoT, network slicing and mobile edge computing, will unlock new revenue streams…

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How Wireless Charging will Shape
the Future of Connectivity

By: Mike McCamon

As we move at pace toward an ever more connected world, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the interoperability and utility of devices. First coming to market as an efficient and secure data transfer protocol, NFC has continued to evolve into an enduring disruptive technology that facilitates a host of use cases across a plethora of verticals. From payments to smart homes, NFC's simple tap-and-go operation is revolutionizing how we live our everyday lives…

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Wi-Fi Trends for 2024 and Beyond

By: Tiago Rodrigues

There are around 20 billion Wi-Fi devices in use today, and the economic value of Wi-Fi is an estimated $4 trillion. It continues to enjoy significant industry momentum with the drive into the 6GHz band being the most impressive current factor. There has never been a more exciting time for Wi-Fi as enterprises in all sectors pursue their digital transformation, requiring next generation connectivity across their digital processes with the latest Wi-Fi technology. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated in the wake of Covid-19 and the societal shifts that occurred in its wake…

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Wireless Sustainability

By: Nazim Choudhury

In this century, few issues have dominated our collective consciousness as much as climate change and environmental sustainability. Only recently, however, has the communications industry recognized its responsibility to help solve this incredibly complex global issue. Energy use continues to strain multiple industries, driving up costs and imposing constraints on growth that can be avoided. For most major economies, even switching from incandescent to LED lighting can save the economy billions of dollars in reduced costs (Development Research Center of the State Council; World Bank, 2022), so there is a significant business incentive to see energy reductions across the board…

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Letter from the Editor - February 2024

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

It wasn’t that long ago, believe it or not, that connectivity was hard to come by. Back then, someone had to come out, physically run cable, install equipment, and then test it to make sure it all worked properly. The process could take weeks, months, or longer. For some cases and in some regions, this is still how it’s being done today. But not in the modern world. In the modern world, connectivity buzzes all around us. We can seamlessly transfer from our homes, across modes of transportation, within our destinations - whether that be an office building, event venue, or hotel - and back home again…

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Enterprise IT and Telecom
Technology Industry News

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

The festive holidays are officially behind us and news is flowing in at a rapid pace as companies are keen to show us the exciting innovations they have in store for the new year. News also has begun ramping up in preparation of Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona in February, an event that we will be attending to share our insights in Pipeline's Mobile Experience issue next month.This month’s top industry news stories are summarized below. To view current breaking news in real-time, visit Pipeline’s News Center, follow Pipeline on social media, or subscribe to receive our weekly telecom industry news summary…

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