PIPELINE RESOURCES Joins Chevron Technology Ventures Catalyst Program, a provider of immersive training solutions, announced its selection into the Chevron Technology Ventures Catalyst program.

NinjaTech AI Launches NextGen AI-powered Executive Assistant
AI experts formerly from Google, Meta and AWS announced the formation of NinjaTech AI, a generative AI company building the first true next-generation personal assistant since Siri. Powered by proprietary large language models, decision engines and generative AI, NinjaTech will bring to life AI agents as a TaskGPT for working professionals to get day-to-day administrative tasks done efficiently and cost effectively.

PsiQuantum and SkyWater to Ramp Quantum Computing Technology
SkyWater Technology announced PsiQuantum has expanded its development agreement with the company and its plan to produce silicon photonic chips that will become part of future quantum computing systems. The companies have teamed up to develop the chips in SkyWater’s semiconductor manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Oracle Customer Cloud Service to Enable Smart Meters For EPE
El Paso Electric (EPE) has upgraded its customer information system to Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service. By migrating to an integrated customer billing and meter data management cloud platform, the utility created a foundation for enhanced service offerings that will also support its smart meter rollout.

Actelis Networks Extends Connectivity with NextGen Solutions
Actelis Networks announced the introduction of next generation hybrid fiber-copper solutions designed to enable rapid deployment of cyber-safe, gigabit connectivity to locations where fiber installation is difficult and costly. The newly introduced solutions support a variety of IoT applications for rail, military and campus networks, 5G/mobile base stations as well as residential and commercial broadband, including Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs).

ResGreen Hires Exchange Listing LLC
The partnership will provide strategic consulting for Senior U.S. Stock Exchange Listing, providing a complete analysis of ResGreen's business objectives and helping align those objectives with the U.S. capital markets.

SpaceX Launches Second-Generation Starlink Internet Satellites
The successful launch is part of the Starlink system, which is intended to deliver relatively high-speed internet to customers anywhere on Earth using thousands of broadband relay stations in multiple low-altitude orbits.

Northrop Grumman Integrated Battle Command System is Now Operational
IBCS is the Army's air and missile defense modernization strategy's first unified system and is now ready to be fielded to U.S. Army units to further support the development of the system’s capabilities.

WiMi Leverages NextGen Technology for its New Data Management System
WiMi Hologram Cloud announced the development of a data management system for SMEs that combines blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies to help companies achieve efficient, collaborative and intelligent processing of data.

Cogent Closes Acquisition of T-Mobile's Wireline Business
Cogent Communications Holdings announced that it has closed the previously announced acquisition of T-Mobile's Wireline Business, formerly known as Sprint GMG.

AMP Robotics Introduces AI-enabled Automated Sortation Solution
AMP Robotics now offers a complete line of AI-powered automation solutions for materials recovery facilities (MRFs), along with a standalone, integrated facility solution to expand recycling infrastructure.

BIO-key Partners with Pixel Infinito
The partnership will provide IAM solutions and enhanced cybersecurity to customers across Angola by expanding Identity and Access Management Solutions reach.

Pindrop and NTT DATA Partner on Voice Security
Pindrop announced a strategic partnership with NTT DATA to bring next-generation voice fraud detection and authentication technology to the Japanese market.

CI&T Modernizes Digital Platforms for Essential City Services
CI&T has been selected by the City of Chattanooga to modernize their digital platforms for essential city services. The initiative is an important step in the city’s journey to becoming a more data-driven civic organization delivering secure and effective services to local residents and key community stakeholders.

United Way of Rhode Island Launches AI-powered Hiring Solution
The new solution save UWRI time and resources and improve candidate quality for positions that need filling. Recently, Lanre Ajakaiye, Chief Development Officer of the United Way of Rhode Island, utilized artificial intelligence (AI) in its recruitment and ultimate hire, Director of Corporate/ Workplace, a critical position and role for the organization’s future.

Southern Launch Partners Space Forge for Satellite Test Range
Southern Launch has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UK-based Space Forge at the International Space Symposium to explore possibilities of Satellite Return to the Southern Launch Koonibba Test Range.

High Wire to Provide Overwatch OT/IoT Cybersecurity for U.S. Health System
The new cybersecurity solution, Agentless, Zero Trust, will provide security for major U.S. health systems and FDA-regulated devices, which cannot be covered by traditional security software.

Wizeline Revolutionizes Productivity with Generative AI Offerings
The generative and customized AI offerings were developed to help businesses increase operational efficiency, accelerate content creation, personalization and product development, and enhance financial and business analysis at scale.

AI-powered Intelligence Platform Facilitates Business Transformation
Quantive announced the launch of Quantive Singularit an AI-powered strategic intelligence platform that enables companies to make better and more informed decisions in pursuit of their strategic goals by quickly surfacing the insights, forecasts, and intelligence today’s organizations need.

TBInternational to Accelerate the Digital Transformation with o9 Solutions
o9 Solutions announced that TBInternational GmbH has selected o9’s Demand Planning and Supply Chain Master Planning solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of its planning capabilities.

Research: Network API Exposure is a Top 5 Priority for 73% of CSPs
Research commissioned by Nokia and conducted by Analysys Mason revealed that network API exposure is a top 5 priority for 73% of communication service providers (CSPs), who are turning to open APIs (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kits) to enable software developers to create programs that offer new 5G services to customers.

Margherita Della Valle Appointed Vodafone Group Chief Executive
Vodafone Group announces that Margherita Della Valle has been appointed Group Chief Executive. In addition to being appointed Group Chief Executive, Margherita Della Valle will also continue as Group Chief Financial Officer until an external search for a new Group Chief Financial Officer is complete.

Water Pipe Leakage Risk Operating System Utilizes Big Data and A.I.
JAXA accredited space venture Tenchijin launched a new software, a water pipe leakage risk management operating system where local governments can manage and evaluate water leakage risk in large water networks. As this tool dramatically helps them reduce their water maintenance cost, Fukushima City Waterworks Bureau decided to implement the system as the first case in Japan.

DE-CIX Launches Cloud ROUTER Service
The virtual cloud routing service will offer direct and secure high performance data exchange between cloud environments. It's currently available in over 20 locations around the globe, from North America to Europe, the Middle East, and on to Southeast Asia.

NUVO Announces NuvoMe Integration with Metaverses and In-Person Events
NuvoMe's integration at NFTopia will bring gamification and data analytics to conferences, providing a fun and innovative way to attend events. All the booths at NFTopia will display QR codes that attendees can scan to certify their interaction with the company, further incentivizing attendees to engage with exhibitors and accumulate RP throughout the event.


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