Liquid Cooling: The Winning Solution
for Data Centers

By: Kelley Mullick, PhD

Demand for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other power-hungry workloads — in tandem with rising concerns over data center sustainability — are ushering in a new era of liquid cooling in data centers. While traditional air-cooled systems struggle to keep pace with CPU and GPU advancements required for high-performance computing (HPC) and the rising thermal output of IT equipment, liquid cooling is emerging as the favored solution for solving these challenges while also boasting major efficiency and sustainability benefits…

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Innovation is Key to Solving
Satcom's Challenges

By: Lars Bach

However, operating in this new environment is complex and operators are faced with fresh challenges at both ground and space level. This is driving the need for new ways to secure operational capacity and mitigate interference between systems. It’s clear that the industry needs innovation across the spectrum if it is to succeed in this increasingly challenging landscape. While it’s encouraging that we’re already seeing innovations such as virtualization and new antenna technology making a difference, these are at the same time creating some challenges of their own…

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Harnessing AI for Intelligent
Network Management

By: Karthikeyan Nathillvar

As modern networks become increasingly complex and dynamic, traditional manual approaches to network management are no longer sufficient. The rapid growth of devices, applications, and data traffic puts immense strain on network operations teams to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability. Put simply, these teams are being overwhelmed in the increasing digital chaos of integrating multiple solutions together, when most CIOs would prefer to have their teams focus on projects that move their businesses forward…

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LLMs on Commodity Hardware: What,
Where, Why AI PCs Are Already Here

By: Brian Case, Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

Generative AI (GenAI) Large Language Models (LLMs) can run with okay single-user performance on today’s notebook computers. This has very important implications. First, it promises to give individual users a great increase in personal power for both good and for bad. Second, it foreshadows a world where GenAI is everywhere and in everything including routers, switches, home controllers, industrial systems, the electrical grid, water systems, etc. Given all the press about Nvidia’s very expensive specialized chips that companies are fighting to buy, this assertion may be a little surprising…

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Inside the AI-Powered Telco

By: Brian Coombs

To date, most industry use cases for AI have been limited to extracting insights from customer and network-generated data using big data and machine learning. Now though, GenAI solutions such as ChatGPT and Claude are making it easier than ever for telcos to automate many different processes and offer new services to customers. A recent survey by AWS found that adoption of AI in telecoms will hit 48 percent in the next two years, but already, many of the world’s largest telcos are well on their way to integrating emerging technologies and dedicated language models into their business processes…

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Pre-show Guide to Digital Transformation
World (DTW) 2024

By: Daniel Mowinski, Pipeline

Many of you are gearing up for Digital Transformation World (DTW) Ignite 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark, taking place June 18-20. Others are thinking about going; some perhaps don’t even know what it is. Whatever your plans, this article will give you a comprehensive overview of the event to organize your trip, or help you decide whether it’s worth going to in the first place.  This is TM Forum’s third year in Copenhagen, after a long residency in Nice, France, and an attempt to continue its year-over-year attendance, which reached 4,000 people in 2023…

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OpenRoaming: Wi-Fi as Secure and
Seamless as Cellular

By: Jonas Lagerquist

The days when public Wi-Fi connectivity was scattered into separate, potentially insecure islands with cumbersome access through portals may soon be over, at least at locations that have joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s fast-growing OpenRoaming federation. OpenRoaming has over three million Wi-Fi hotspots globally and counting and has the potential to change how we connect to Wi-Fi networks forever. As Seamless and Secure as Cellular The OpenRoaming federation is a collaborative effort among vendors, service providers, identity providers, and venue owners to create a seamless and secure Wi-Fi roaming experience globally for users, irrespective of their location or identity provider…

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Now Affordable: Managing the Tasks
You've Dreamed of in Telco/IT Networks

By: Piotr Wierzcholski, Tymoteusz Wrona

How many times have you come to the conclusion that deep analysis of the quality of service and potential problems in telecommunications/IT services could help make service delivery more efficient, flexible, better tailored to customer requirements, and less expensive for the customer and the communication services provider (CSP)? How often have you noted that the effects of failures and their impact on service delivery levels could have been avoided in a simple but, unfortunately, labor-intensive way? Why is the execution of a customer's order for a new service not carried out on the spot, and why do we not introduce services for a specific date and time, and a specific period? The labor-intensive nature of the activities and the need for appropriately qualified employees from multiple technology domains who could implement the desired changes can cause such projects to be abandoned…

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Assistive Voice Technology: the Real-time
Solution to Express Yourself

By: Joris Castermans

Worldwide, 300 million people suffer from some speech disability. Losing one's voice has profound and far-reaching effects on a person's life. Communication, a fundamental aspect of human existence, becomes a daily challenge, leading to social isolation and frustration as individuals struggle to convey their thoughts, emotions, and needs to others. Professionally, careers may be jeopardized as many occupations require effective verbal communication. This can lead to financial stress and a loss of independence…

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Law Enforcement Agency Enhances
Connectivity with NaaS

By: Larry Thompson

As technology consultants for municipalities, we try not to spend too much time talking about technology. Throw around jargon like “network as-a-service” (NaaS) or “edge,” and you can watch your clients’ eyes glaze over. Buzzwords don’t interest them. They care about benefits, costs, impact on operations. Sometimes though, the jargon signifies something genuinely new and worth exploring. Take the NaaS solution we recently implemented for one of our most important municipal clients in rural South Carolina…

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Letter From the Editor - June 2024

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

It’s important to remember our industry touches virtually every aspect of every life on the planet in one way or another. The technology it creates has the power to change the world and it already has. Within our lifetime, we have realized a future only dreamt of just a few decades ago.  We now have the ability to connect to the collective consciousness of all of civilization with the click of a button, or voice command. We have Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants and robots at our disposal…

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IT & Telecom Industry News

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

Technology news has been fast and innovative this month, with exciting stories breaking from every corner of the world, and practically every story containing a mention of AI. This month’s top industry news stories are summarized below. To view current breaking news in real-time, visit Pipeline’s News Center, follow Pipeline on social media, or subscribe to receive our weekly industry enterprise and communications technology news summary.Innovation and IoT NewsThis issue's theme is centered around all things IoT and Innovation, a subject always brimming with exciting stories from the tech space…

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