IoT Security Standards & Collaboration

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The demand for connected devices is seemingly insatiable. Based on most estimates, there are billions of connected devices online today, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, and this is estimated to grow to over $1 trillion across Internet of Things (IoT) market segments by 2026. Add to that another $13 trillion in estimated IoT platform revenue and the predicted momentum behind IoT is truly astounding. When you drill down a little deeper, you see there is a wide range of IoT devices behind this boom, spanning everything from your video doorbell to appliances, industrial equipment, data centers, medical devices and extraterrestrial satellites…

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Democratizing Artificial Intelligence for GDPR and Regulatory Compliance

By: Freddie McMahon

Regulatory compliance is costly, but non-compliance is even more costly. Complexity reigns, as regulatory guidance is not contained in any single source of truth. This article examines the potentially enormous socioeconomic benefits of digitizing regulations and reimagining the market that surrounds the regulatory industry, through the use of data, Artificial Intelligence and other means. The cost for applying regulation in practice is much too high   An Australian in-depth study by Deloitte estimated that it costs 94 billion AUD to administer and comply with Australian federal, state, and local government rules…

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Future-proofing business with data intelligence

By: Martin Laesch

In our digital age, data is evolving every aspect of our lives, from business to leisure. In fact, data has become a rich source of value, storing information that is key for mapping the future of our habits and lifestyles. In enterprise, the same data is crucial for predicting consumer behaviors and developing dynamic business models that effectively and efficiently meet customer demands as they change. The speed at which data is generated in the business sector today is unprecedented, giving enterprises volumes of valuable data to inform business opportunities and drive performance…

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Empowering the AI Boom in the APAC Region

By: Braham Singh

As the world turns and rapidly moves into a new era driven by digitization and accelerated by artificial intelligence, we reflect upon the tumultuous storm provoked by COVID-19. In the APAC region where the pandemic originated, data centers exponentially rose to the occasion and swiftly adapted to create a resilient front line across sectors to defend against the catastrophic effects brought on by the novel coronavirus. On its path of destruction, COVID-19 uncovered brand-new ways of conducting business, creating opportunities for a region that has historically lagged behind North America or Europe in technology adoption to lead the way…

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Big Data’s Role in the Post-COVID Era

By: Bruce Lehrman

Big Data serves a pivotal role in today’s unpredictable socio-economic climate and will continue to do so in the post-COVID era. Data makes noise on two grounds: its creation and its application. With proper processing and storage support from edge hardware, the control and use of data will become more important than ever. As the world adjusts to the post-COVID reality, data may hold the key to many of our new daily functions.New routes for tracking and creating data A number of emerging devices are poised to produce real-time, hyper-local personal health information meant to keep citizens safe and healthy in ways we haven’t seen before; from stick-on sensors that provide 24/7 respiratory activity tracking, to AI-powered long distance body temperature scanners at the train station…

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Personalization through Programmability

By: Travis Ewert, Tim Nice

Within the networking industry today, the confluence of open networking, software-defined control automation, and analytics-driven management has resulted in many definitions of what we all refer to as ‘Programmable Networking.’ You will see versions of this across service providers and suppliers showing up as Intelligent Networking, Adaptive Networking, SW-Driven, Intent Based Networking, Control and Feedback Loop, and on and on. What these all have in common is agility and the ability to act quickly, easily, and with speed…

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The Tools to Track a Predictable and Secure 5G Network

By: Rajive Bagrodia

If we could create a future designed specifically to enable our progression to an ever more digital world, certain tools would be essential to businesses in navigating the way forward. These include better simulation and modelling programs. But first, let’s rewind the clock to consider how we got here. In 1979 the first 1G network was launched in Tokyo, and by the mid-1980s it spread to the United States with the first US-based commercially automated cellular network located in Chicago. Later, signals were digitized with the 2G networks of the early 1990s…

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The Road to Open Edge Computing

By: Ildiko Vancsa

Humanity has depended on tools from its earliest days. As we’ve evolved, tools have turned into what we call technology, which has had its own trajectory of evolution. This is true for cloud computing, as edge computing is the next step forward, bringing the cloud closer to people’s everyday lives. This progress requires evolution in the assembly lines that support it.   Computational power surrounds us. It’s on the fields that grow the vegetables we eat and in the factories that package food and make the plates and silverware with which we eat it…

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Subscriptions: The Future of Telecom Services?

By: Adhish Kulkarni

In the constantly evolving telecoms market, there are some things we presume to know with a degree of certainty. Among them are that the future lies in digital services; that competition for the subscriber is fierce; that walled gardens don’t result in healthy, flowering plants (and they never will); and that strong and attractive (to the end user in particular) partnerships are table-stake requirements for success. There’s a trend hidden in all of this, and beyond. That is, flying solo is no longer the route to success…

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Letter from the Editor: A New Dawn

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

I may be premature, but I’m calling the end of the COVID crisis. Maybe not right now, but soon. However, I respectfully request to reserve the right to change my opinion in the coming months. You probably have read the never-ending headlines related to the increased case counts, booms of infection in regional areas, and the relentless tenacity of the disease. But there is more to the story.Perhaps you’ve also seen spurts of news on the success of early-stage vaccine trials from companies like AstraZeneca-Oxford, Moderna, and Pfizer…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Nothing in 2020 has been business as usual, and that goes for late-summer news. With some distance opening between the onset of the pandemic and the present, news on data insights and the market’s reaction to the crises is becoming more clear. New reports from Dell’Oro Group OpenVault, and Juniper Research revealed fresh research findings. Updates on Open RAN, FTTH networks, and 5G deployments rolled in from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The FCC took new steps toward auction for mid-band 5G spectrum and in combatting robocalls…

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