Three Keys to 5G Network Agility

By: Ron Haberman

As the rollout of 5G networks accelerates, the pressure to meet customer expectations has reached an all-time high. Whether it’s enhanced mobile broadband, AR or VR use cases or HD video streaming, meeting customer expectations for quality of service and quality of experience amid the fast pace of change requires maintaining an agile network. This article examines why automation, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and advanced testing and monitoring are necessary for every agile network to manage ultra-complex, fast-paced scenarios and minimize the risk of failure…

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A Look at 2022 Enterprise Security Strategy

By: Vlad Friedman

With the complexity and frequency of security incidents and data breaches on the rise among enterprises, these organizations and the data centers that support them need to protect critical data by maintaining continuous monitoring of security and compliance practices into 2022 and beyond. Industry officials point to the practices of the most effective data center companies that leverage in-house expertise and infrastructure platforms to thwart malware and malicious activity. All the while, data centers need to adhere to industry regulations and requirements, which in the long run can further reduce the burden on IT staff and budget at the enterprise level…

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CSPs and Cybersecurity Responsibility

By: Barry Spielman

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise for businesses and individuals alike. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, which struck their networks, is just one recent example of the wide-reaching effects of cyber threats. The source of the hack, which eventually led to oil shortages and increased gas prices, was the leak of a single password. Despite its large-scale impact, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack demonstrated that not only the largest corporations are the targets of these attacks, but smaller businesses and even individuals are also vulnerable as well…

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Safeguarding Against 5G Security Risks

By: Juniman Kasman

5G has long been touted as being inherently more secure than its cellular predecessors—and it is. But that doesn't mean it’s impregnable. The fact that 5G networks are much more software-based than previous cellular networks creates strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, their software basis makes 5G networks highly customizable and enhances speed, capacity, and responsiveness. On the other hand, the software that enables 5G technology makes it vulnerable in a number of worrisome ways. And this is where the real challenges and threats of 5G security come into play…

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Protecting Cellular Infrastructure

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., William Yeack, CSE

Ransomware is a severe threat. Waiting till you are under attack to prepare for it is a big mistake. Every organization needs to prepare for ransomware now. Bace Cybersecurity Institute (BCI) is a nonprofit that has assembled a group of experts to develop an outline that all organizations can follow to prepare for ransomware. Ransomware attacks can target enterprises, public utilities, government agencies, political parties, schools, hospitals, and more. Attackers are only concerned with how much money they can extort…

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Minting a New Strategy:
Lessons from a Security Breach

By: Dmitry Kurbatov

If history is any guide, the 2021 Mint Mobile breach will soon be forgotten (if it hasn’t been already). This is one reason why breaches never seem to end: each attack is frozen in time, an unfortunate episode consigned to oblivion rather than used to chart the course ahead. In this case, it’s almost worse—the hack wasn’t even the most devastating or sophisticated or distinctive intrusion of its kind. Moving on to the next big bad thing is almost understandable. But perhaps that’s also why it should be taken seriously as a learning moment…

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AI + Cybersecurity:
Infrastructure Needs a New Model

By: Sam Jones

Cybersecurity systems are ripe for disruption. Over the years, individual tools have proliferated, each with its own data format, causing a deluge of disparate data. In addition, there is a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity analysts who can evaluate that data (and they are very expensive if you can find them). Finally, and perhaps most critically, hackers are getting smarter and more creative all the time. Artificial intelligence was supposed to be the cure for these issues, but it has been of limited use in addressing the problem at scale because it requires large, thoughtfully planned infrastructure…

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Powering the Future of Communications

By: Ryan Baumann

As the digital economy’s dependence on data grows more intense by the day, the information storage and connectivity that data centers provide is becoming inextricably tied to day-to-day success—for communities, families, individuals, or businesses. The importance of the data center cannot be overstated: the global market is expected to grow by $519.34 billion from 2021-2025. When considering these crucial information hubs, standard systems like cooling, networking and physical security come to mind, all of which play an important part in the care and keeping of data…

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Mission-critical Cybersecurity
for Industrial-grade Wireless Networks

By: Ishaq Mian

Thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on reliable broadband wireless networks for their IoT, voice, data, and video communications needs. It is an essential part of building out and extending network coverage to all users and applications. Due to the shared nature of any technology based on radio frequencies (RF), however, wireless systems can be more vulnerable to security issues than wireline deployments. High-availability, high-capacity wireless systems require additional levels of security, as these systems are regularly deployed to enable mission-critical and business-critical applications…

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Technology Can’t Save You from Cyberattacks

By: Kirsten Bay, Corey White

The cybersecurity industry was founded to prevent people and organizations from being breached, yet hacks have grown more visible and virulent over the last three decades. Put simply, the security industry has failed to keep pace with the adaptability of today’s cyber criminals, leaving buyers in the unenviable position of continually scrambling for the latest security tools in an attempt to keep confidential information safe. They spend more money and they buy more security tools without knowing if they’re spending in the right places or on the right things…

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Frictionless Security without Passwords

By: Lucas Budman

Everybody hates passwords. They slow us down. They can be complicated. And of course, we must remember so many of them. Cyber threat actors are the exception. Hackers love passwords—after all, passwords are easy to discover and exploit. And they’re plentiful.  In other words, hackers don’t break in, they login with stolen passwords. In fact, 81 percent of data breaches start this way, making passwords the biggest attack vector in the modern enterprise. And even though more than $16 billion was spent on identity and access management (IAM) solutions in 2020, the problem continues to worsen…

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IT & Telecom Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline

Coming off Cybersecurity Awareness Month and heading into our Security and Assurance issue, we’ve been focused on top cybersecurity news this month. 5G news, especially regarding breakthroughs and trends research, also figured heavily in our roundup. Finally, we look at headlines in innovation and the movers and shakers shaping telecoms and enterprise IT in 2022. The top telecom industry news stories from the month are summarized below. To view all the news as it breaks, check out Pipeline’s News Center or subscribe to receive our telecom industry news summary…

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Letter from the Editor: Risk and Opportunity

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

There’s risk in everything that we do, even in some of the things we don’t. That’s probably truer today than ever. With every new opportunity, new risks emerge. Whether that’s leaving your home to pick a few things up at the store – or the explosion of IoT devices that are proliferating around the world.  But the contrary is also true; with every risk, comes new opportunity. It also stands to reason that there can be no new opportunities without some acceptance of risk. So seizing new opportunities then lies within risk mitigation and tolerance…

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