Merging 3D Artificial Intelligence
with AR and VR Technology

By: Dijam Panigrahi

We don’t know which of the world’s largest tech-forward companies will power the best future tools, technologies, and resources for manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and more. Because of this, organizations have been working extremely hard to ensure they are creating changes that will greatly impact humanity. This begins as recent technological advances with artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive mixed reality technologies such as augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) have been made…

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Enable Interoperability to Unlock Agility

By: Ultan Mulligan

Think of the last time you bought a new electronic communications device, expecting it would save you time and make life so much more pleasant. Perhaps it was a new Internet-connected television or smart-lighting system. Maybe you remember the thrills of trying to connect your phone to a new car, or a new phone to an old car. Was it easy? Or did you spend hours failing to make it work with all your other time-saving, life-fulfilling devices? Isn’t everything interoperable now? We all recognize the frustration of interoperability problems…

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Intelligent Automation
through Crowdsourcing + AIOps

By: Travis Ewert, Tim Masse

Most network operators are drowning in data. It arrives 24/7/365 via a multiplicity of often disparate systems and sources from across the enterprise. Amid this deluge, how do network operators sort through the clutter and create a user experience that integrates the most sophisticated data collection and holistic intelligence gathering techniques? How do they use measurement techniques and analytics to sharpen the tools in their toolset? In an ideal scenario, network operators can customize which data and algorithms to use—and then take definitive action…

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Automation is the Key to Agility

By: Bill Dellara

One thing the last 18 months has taught the business community is the importance of being able to respond to change, fast. Any organization that was not on top of their business processes—or that had a manual approach to business administration—felt the pain when the pandemic hit, and their workforce’s landscape changed in an instant. Suddenly, 90 percent of the workforce was operating remotely. Communications and collaboration tools were tested to the limit to ensure business continuity while also offering a positive employee experience…

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Realizing the Enterprise Collaboration Opportunity

By: Ihab Mahna

The past year has presented challenges on a scale unseen for many decades. Around the world, we have seen individuals, organizations and governments face these challenges head-on and adapt to new, different ways of living and working. Throughout all of this, there has been one constant support: technology. On an individual level, technology has kept us connected while we remain physically separate and provided a wealth of resources to keep us entertained, fit and in touch with those close to us…

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Powering Agility with Openness and Automation

By: Prayson Pate

The dictionary defines agility as “the power of moving quickly and easily.” You want to achieve agility in your communications environment. But the question is how. Let’s start with speed Look at the two adverbs in the definition of agility. The first is quickly. Being able to move quickly means breaking out of the old mode of relying on traditional networking solutions. These are provided by a single vendor—and are closed. This means you must go to the supplier and convince them to add new capabilities or rip them out and replace them with another closed solution…

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Regional Clouds Are the Answer

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., Diego Lopez, Katarzyna Wac

Regional clouds are the answer. The question? It’s different in different regions, but a pattern is emerging. It involves government data and telco infrastructure. Europe has been a leader in public discussions in this area and can be a model for other regions. But it has failed so far to focus on what it wants to own and what it wants to only control or orchestrate. This is key to the kind of innovation ecosystem it needs to build to support its regional cloud. Timing is critical. Edge computing and 5G have created an open window, but it won’t stay open for long…

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Standalone and the 5G Private Network Opportunity

By: Ankur Sharma

There has been a lot written on the coming Industry 4.0 transformation and how 5G will spur new opportunities and innovation. Much of the focus has been on a variety of use cases such as increasing enterprises’ quality of service requirements, enhancing mobile-broadband experiences or delivering superior resource utilization and sufficient bandwidth to handle massive machine-type communications. 5G networks with enabled slicing, new models of private networks and the use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum options are exciting, yet they also have challenging issues that need to be addressed…

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Legacy OSS/BSS & Next-Gen Networks

By: Jay Meranchik

Years ago, telecommunications carriers embarked on a major network transformation that completely changed the way that carriers operate and perform on a day-to-day, call-by-call basis. Known as the next-gen network, it was filled with promise—and in almost every way it has delivered. The convergence and widespread adoption of VoIP-based technologies and the introduction and evolution of the Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) has resulted in a telecommunications network that looks like and acts nothing like its predecessor, the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN…

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Letter from the Editor: Possibilities

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Anything is possible, or so they say, and it’s usually said with optimism. But, it’s important to note that “anything” means “anything” which can be either good or not good. Only time will tell. Looking back over the last year and half – give or take – there a lot of takeaways. In the before times, like 2019, the likelihood of a novel virus causing a global pandemic was among the least of our worries. Now it’s on the top of our minds and virtually a part of every conversation we have…

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IT and Telecom Technology Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The definition of “agility” is the state or quality of being agile; having the power to move quickly. This month’s issue theme is, of course, Agility—and evidence of agility is everywhere in our industry news summary. From new research on consumers’ connectivity reliance to strategic alliances that enable network expansion and evolution, global news this month shows us all the many ways the world in which we live and work continues to evolve rapidly every day.  The top telecom industry news stories from the month are summarized below…

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