Quantum Key Distribution and the Crypto-Apocalypse

By: Tim Young

I am told that there was a time in which security—whether on the network or in physical space—was an expectation. Or, at least, it was considered a possibility. But in an era of high-profile hacks and breaches, I think most adults with an ounce of healthy cynicism expect that, at some point, their sensitive data has been or will be compromised. The high-profile hacks, breaches, ransoms and leaks are too numerous to bother naming. Universities, voting boards, healthcare providers, intelligence agencies, emergency siren networks, font providers… It’s been a busy year…

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The Cyber Security Remediation Bottleneck

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

Cyber crime is one of the largest industries on the planet. We are getting better at detecting breaches. Fixing things, not so much. The bottleneck is remediation – stopping the attack and closing the hole the attacker came through. This is because remediation is a manual process. The only way to make things better is to automate remediation. In doing so, it is helpful to use the human immune system as a model for what is needed. The improvement in detection has come through behavioral analysis…

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Defend Network and Customers Against IoT-Based DDoS Attacks

By: Stephanie Weagle

Experts have long warned that the inherent lack of security in many of the devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) would come back to haunt us. The DDoS events of the past year have brought this concern into sharp focus, by demonstrating just how damaging an IoT-powered botnet can be. It’s no secret that many IoT devices are poorly architected from a security perspective. Many have little or no security in place with simple default passwords making it easy for attackers to take control of them for malicious purposes…

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Smart Home Devices Open New Vulnerabilities

By: Brad Russell

Key value propositions for consumers around the smart home are noted as more security, more safety, and easy management of home solutions for communication and controls in the home. Really, the promise of the connected home hinges on the security, safety, and simplicity of protecting this advanced technology from being exploited to harm households. In 2017, the connected home market has experienced an expansion of the kinds of attacks that have been increasing in recent years. Attacks include: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks—like the largest-ever October 2016 Mirai botnet attack—will target devices where default password usage provides easy unauthorized access…

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How Telecom Got Security Wrong

By: Travis Russell

When the industry began work on a new signaling technology a few decades ago, the intent was to eliminate the fraud and security concerns of the time. Long distance and international calling was being compromised through clever techniques such as the Captain Crunch whistle that produced a perfect 2600 Hz. Black boxes were being used to create the tones used by pay phones to signal switching systems and fool them into connecting long distance and even international calls at no charge. The answer to the problem was the elimination of in-band MF signaling, and the implementation of signaling system #7…

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Three Steps To Protect Your Network From Hackers

By: Bernardo Lucas

According to a recent Technology, Media and Telecom Risk Index, c-level executives voted cyberattacks/hijacks as the fourth most pressing risk to their business. A perfect storm of legacy systems, complex hybrid networks, and the influx of data traffic is exposing vulnerabilities for hackers to not only breach the security perimeters of networks but also to commit fraud. And as the global smartphone penetration rate is expected to reach 44 percent by the end of 2017, CSPs must guard against new types of fraud made possible by the hyper-connectivity of an expanding array of networked devices…

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Analytics for Threat Detection in Cyber Intelligence Missions

By: Jesse Price

Today’s networks are under attack. Whether the target is a commercial network such as Equifax or the networks for the U.S. elections, cyber-attacks are capable of penetrating the most sophisticated security architectures without detection. Operators and government agencies are increasingly seeking out ways to identify threat trends and patterns by using real-time data derived from advanced network monitoring applications. However, these cyber intelligence tools often miss the critical information that can be gathered from the optical transport network…

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Media and Marketing Tactics Can Increase Risk of Fraud

By: Jim Rice

An old adage says sales is a numbers game. The more attempts you make and the broader you cast your net, the more successful you’ll be. But what if that new customer is using someone else’s identity? Or what if they can’t pay their bill? What once seemed like a win for a company, can quickly become a glaring risk. In May 2017, LexisNexis Risk Solutions published the first in its series of State of Risk white papers, "The Way Communications & Media Services Companies Market Can Increase Risk to Their Business…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

''We have only two modes — complacency and panic.''- James R. Schlesinger When he said those words in 1977, Schlesinger, who served as the United States’ first energy secretary, was referring to the nation’s approach to energy policy—particularly regarding petroleum. Forty years on, Schlesinger remains correct, and not just about oil. We don’t sweat things that haven’t progressed to emergency status, and we greet the inevitable problems that arise from this lack of action with short-sighted alarm that results in an outcome that is both costly and sub-par…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John

The industry was a flurry of activity this month, with innovation, IoT, network expansion, security, and regulation filling the news. The top stories from the month are summarized below. To view all the news, check out Pipeline's News Center. Steps in SecurityIn security news, a report by Corero indicates that DDoS attacks are on the rise due to vulnerabilities of IoT Devices. This news should come at no surprise, as 90% of consumers lack confidence in IoT device security, according to a survey conducted by Gemalto…

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