Build it and they will come?
Harnessing Geospatial Technology

By: Barak Harlan

Good planning in fiber deployment requires having up-to-date detailed maps that can be trusted. In fact, reliable mapping is critical to nearly every aspect of a fiber broadband deployment, from determining the viability of a project and budget forecasting to network maintenance and emergency response. Furthermore, building and expanding broadband infrastructure can be expensive and the need to control costs is crucial. New advances in geospatial engineering can produce real-time data and allow for faster time to market, enhanced operational efficiencies, and better budget management…

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Digitizing Operations for a Digital World

By: Matthew Ray, Dan Wagner

Digital technologies have progressed to more advanced levels, and, as any gamer will tell you, the more advanced levels are where the real fun lives and the most points can be gained. The opportunities abound with customers’ rising expectations waiting to be met and the technology to support data speed, connectivity, and readily available service provisioning. Whether you need to catch up in your digital transformation game or want to move full speed ahead, the architecture, software, and infrastructure is available…

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The Future of Network Slicing

By: Mark Mortensen

3GPP standards provide specifications for communications service providers (CSPs) to “slice” their shared network to support near-guaranteed different QoS characteristics for various service types and service instances. To create and control these networks, vendors have created slicing managers that are managing the full lifecycle of slices for trials with commercial services soon to start in earnest. Still in question is whether these slicing managers represent a new category of OSSs or are just for the trials…

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Almost Chaos. Thriving Amid Complexity and Uncertainty

By: Jonathan Sapir

The word “chaos” sends chills up the spine of most communication services business and operational leaders. However, wherever one looks in today’s market and for the foreseeable future, there is nothing but rapid change, increased complexity, and unpredictability on the horizon. The current business landscape looks chaotic. Even the most agile individuals and organizations, however, cannot effectively operate and certainly cannot scale amid chaos. Processes and operational structures are needed, but traditional business processes and project management strategies are not well-suited to the current climate…

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Telco: A Value Machine for Modern Times

By: Marc Price

We live in a world transformed. Digital commerce is forever altering modern business. Innovations abound as services proliferate, marketplaces arise, and cryptocurrencies emerge as new mediums of exchange. Alone amid this frenetic pace of change, business support systems (BSS) have not kept up. In nearly every sector, in industries from telecommunications to banking to retail exchanges, these IT solutions are rooted in the past, with little prospects for change. A new paradigm is required to align these solutions with current needs, optimizing profits and minimizing costs in the era of cloud…

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Empowering Next-Gen Networks
with No-code Orchestration

By: Matt Torchinsky


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The Future of Workplace Communications

By: Greg Hasse

Over several days in the spring of 2020, workers got up from their desks, carried their laptops to their cars, and went home in anticipation of returning once the pandemic fizzled. Two years later, many have never gone back. The mass exodus of America’s offices represents a major acceleration of an existing trend: as new generations enter the workforce, they expect companies to facilitate hybrid preferences. Companies have had to make swift progress in adjusting our working norms in ways that would have been hard to imagine prior to 2020…

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Supporting a Gigabit Society with
Unified Resource Management

By: Ulrich Schalling

Emerging trends and technologies are disrupting the telecommunications industry and impacting all areas of business. Communication service providers (CSPs) must keep pace with mobile 5G rollouts, IoT devices, and sensors needed for new business applications, smart cities, and Industry 4.0 use cases—all while continuously delivering uninterrupted, high-quality services fast enough to meet the requirements of today’s gigabit society. How can service providers successfully adapt to changing market dynamics, support these disruptive technologies, and stay ahead of the competition? A critical cornerstone for success lies in how they manage their infrastructure…

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Making Data Centers Fit for the Future

By: Andy Shields

Data center operators face new challenges with technologies such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence, while prioritizing and implementing environmentally sustainable solutions. These include rapidly growing volumes of data from a wide variety of sources and real-time analysis of AI algorithms or predictive maintenance. High-speed fiber optic cabling and intelligent edge concepts help to flexibly meet these challenges. Additional challenges include an increase in energy being used by data centers and the need for a more sustainable way of doing business while implementing modern technologies moving forward…

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Letter from the Editor - May 2022

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

It’s just getting too damn complicated. And if you don’t have technology on your side, you’re going to get hurt. Work from home; come into the office. Wear a mask; don’t wear a mask. The vaccines work; they don’t work. It’s safe to go outside; another COVID wave or variant is on the rise. And that’s just daily life. Technology is a whole, other animal. Fixed line, fiber, cloud and wireless. Each comes with their own complexity creating a wicked web of connectivity.  Not to mention 5G, AI, blockchain, network slicing, IoT, any of the other emerging technologies, or the numerous new use cases they are incessantly spawning…

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IT and Telecom Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline

There’s an adage in business: “Efficiency is the foundation for survival. Effectiveness is the foundation for success.” This month, as we explore all facets of our Automation theme, we’re seeing this saying come to life in technology industry news headlines. From research that reveals the IT cost savings of SaaS models and tallies up the financial benefits of IoT integration and automation, this month’s IT and telecom technology industry news drives home the point that new ways of doing business just might be better ways of doing business…

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