FCC and UK ICO Strengthen Partnership
The Federal Communications Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom announced a formal partnership to cooperate on enforcement matters related to unlawful robocalls and robotexts as well as efforts to protect consumers’ privacy and sensitive data. Both agencies also serve as Executive Members of the global Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network.

Huawei Launches Four Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network Solutions
Huawei announced the launch of four Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions at the IP Club Carnival at Mobile World Congress 2024. These new solutions are purpose-built for the intelligent era and ideal for all industries to accelerate intelligent transformation and maximize digital productivity. As pointed out by Leon Wang, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, network quality affects the quality of digital services.

ServiceNow, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA Release New Open-Access LLMs
ServiceNow, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA announced the release of StarCoder2, a family of open access large language models for code generation that sets new standards for performance, transparency, and cost effectiveness. StarCoder2 was developed by the BigCode community, stewarded by ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, and Hugging Face.

IBM Announces Availability of Open-Source Mistral AI Model on watsonx
IBM announced the availability of the popular open-source Mixtral-8x7B large language model, developed by Mistral AI, on its watsonx AI and data platform, as it continues to expand capabilities to help clients innovate with IBM's own foundation models and those from a range of open-source providers.

Ericsson and MTN Group Announce MoU at MWC 2024
Ericsson and MTN Group announced a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at advancing sustainability, digital skills, and education across Africa. The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, Spain. This partnership underscores both companies' dedication to driving positive change across the continent. Under the MoU, Ericsson and MTN Group will collaborate on sustainability initiatives in line with principles of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 17.

Citymesh Selects Nokia Core SaaS
Nokia announced that Citymesh has chosen Nokia’s Core Software-as-a-Service as part of the Belgian operator’s strategic aim of delivering greater service innovation to its customers, and realizing greater business agility and faster time to value in monetizing its network assets.

VIAVI Adds Critical Traffic Visibility to Observer Sentry
VIAVI announced the addition of traffic analysis capabilities to its Observer Sentry Software-as-a-Service-based threat exposure management solution. With traffic visibility, Observer Sentry goes beyond identifying unintended and potentially dangerous exposures, and enables SecOps, DevOps and cloud architects to determine if a vulnerability has been exploited.

Adtran Connects Remote Tribal Communities
Adtran announced that Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. is harnessing its fiber access solution to bring high-speed connectivity to rural tribal communities in New Mexico. Supported by a mix of loans and grant funds, MATI’s new infrastructure is the first full FTTH XGS-PON network to be built among any tribal nation. Part of the Broadband Infrastructure Deployment initiative, the solution will deliver symmetrical Gigabit services to the Mescalero Apache reservation.

Aureon Launches Channel Partner Program
Aureon announced its channel partner program aimed at independent telephone companies, confirming its commitment and ability to deliver significant advancements in network solutions through strategic collaboration.

APDCAT Warns MWC Attendees on Uses of Biometric Data
The Catalan Data Protection Authority announced the need to limit the use of biometric data, such as the iris of the eye, due to the significant risks associated with it. In the talk 'Biometric data: a new paradigm for privacy', the Head of the Legal Advise, Xavier Urios, recalled that the iris or fingerprint are personal data that allow the unequivocal identification of the person, based on a physical characteristic that does not change throughout life.

Red Hat Collaborates with stc Group to Deploy New Edge and 5G
Red Hat announced it is collaborating with stc Group to achieve faster development, delivery and innovation of services by harnessing automation and cloud-native agility. With Red Hat OpenShift, Cisco system integration and Cisco Network Services Orchestrator, stc is now able to host multiple cloud-native network functions from various ecosystem vendors with automated deployment and operations.

Viettel Unveils 5G Chipset and Human AI
Viettel announced its 5G chipset and Vi An, AI Human at Mobile World Congress 2024. These are 2 out of the 17 products representing Viettel's technological ecosystem showcased at MWC Barcelona 2024, the world's largest annual and most influential connectivity event. This marks the 7th time Viettel has participated in the conference as the only technology representative from Vietnam.

Telefonica and TikTok Join Forces to Improve User Security
Telefonica and TikTok announced their strategic partnership to work together on Open Gateway. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress, which kicked off today in Barcelona and runs until Thursday 29 February. Open Gateway is an industry initiative launched by the GSMA just over a year ago at MWC 2023. It aims to unlock the potential of telecom network capabilities in an interoperable, intuitive and programmable way through open and standardised APIs.

ZTE Launches World First 5G+AI Eyewear-Free 3D Tablet
ZTE announced the world's first 5G and AI eyewear-free 3D tablet, nubia Pad 3D II at Mobile World Congress 2024. This remarkable device provides consumers with a truly immersive eyewear-free 3D experience, and continues to bring pioneering 3D solutions for various industries, adapting to differentiated scenarios through groundbreaking technological advancements and deep integration of 5G+AI.

MYCOM OSI announces Gen AI Assistant
MYCOM OSI announced a new generative artificial intelligence based expert application concept. Experience Assurance and Analytics GenAie offers natural language based real-time advice and predictive insights, democratizing network data for the CSP's business and operations users to gain insights for enhanced customer experience, higher operational efficiency, and data monetization.

AT&T Switches on Ericsson Cloud RAN
AT&T and Ericsson announced that they have begun deploying Ericsson Cloud RAN technology on AT&T’s commercial 5G network. The two companies have completed a Cloud RAN call as a milestone in deploying Open RAN. AT&T now has commercial traffic flowing on Cloud RAN sites, the first ones of which are located south of Dallas, Texas.

Nokia and Indian Institute of Science Form Strategic Partnership
Nokia announced it is expanding its 6G commitment to India by partnering with the Indian Institute of Science to jointly research 6G technologies and 6G use cases that will have a direct societal impact in India. Nokia and IISc will work together in Nokia’s newly inaugurated 6G Lab in Bengaluru, where they will pursue three core areas of research: 6G radio technologies, 6G architecture and the application of machine learning into the 6G air interface.

Juniper Networks Selected for Sustainable Cloud Metro Network Deployment
Juniper Networks announced that it is providing KK Networks, one of the fastest growing internet Service Providers in Pakistan, with a scalable and resilient Cloud Metro network. The network will provide residential users with affordable internet access and an enhanced quality of experience, while also providing a sustainable services delivery platform for KK Networks. KKN is also expanding its offering with business-grade internet services using the transformed network.

Adtran Confirms Compliance With Final BABA Ruling
Adtran announced its readiness to support the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment program, welcoming the clarity and guidance provided by the Build America, Buy America rule. With its commitment to US-based manufacturing spanning three decades, Adtran is at the forefront of the market with BABA-compliant fiber access solutions ready to enhance nationwide connectivity, economic growth and the digital inclusivity of communities across America.

Vodafone Turkey Deploys Adtran
Adtran announced that Vodafone Turkey has deployed its Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock technology to bring new levels of resilient timing to its nationwide network. Adtran’s first-to-market solution will deliver robust protection against disruptions to GNSS signals, enabling Turkey’s leading service provider to maintain uninterrupted, reliable connectivity even while it readies 5G services.

Oracle Enterprise Communications Platform Transforms Industry Communication
Oracle announced the Enterprise Communications Platform. By seamlessly connecting Oracle industry applications to networks and IoT devices to extend their value, ECP enables organizations to reimagine how they do business. Built on the high performance and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ECP delivers a powerful communications backbone and edge architecture that users can embed directly into their Oracle industry applications stack.

5G Outlook for 2024 - New Report Reveals Trends, Insights and Considerations
Spirent Communications released its fifth annual 5G outlook report, based on analysis and takeaways from over 500 new global 5G engagements in 2023. The “5G 2024: Market Drivers, Insights & Considerations” report provides insights from across the 5G ecosystem on the status of 5G, revealing trends, geographical differences and future potential.

Nokia Announces GenAI Assistant
Nokia announced that its NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome software will be integrated with a telco-centric GenAI assistant to give communication service providers and enterprises faster and higher quality detection and resolution capabilities in the face of cyber criminals increasingly using GenAI to launch more sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure.

Cognitiv Increases Client Base
Cognitiv announced the launch of the industry’s first Deep Learning Advertising Platform, a next-generation approach to media buying built with deep learning AI from its inception. In 2023, Cognitiv grew their client base by 7.5X, driving exceptional results with their deep learning ad solutions.

Mobileum Selected for NTT Communications Global Connected Car Project
Mobileum announced that NTT Communications Corporation, an NTT Group subsidiary, selected Mobileum to provide the technology platform to deliver its connected car solutions to a global car OEM business case. Mobileum provides connectivity management, connectivity testing and fraud prevention solutions for the connected car market.


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