Cutting Cloud Complexity with AI Automation

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The concept of cloud has been around for a while, but it’s becoming a bit complicated. IBM actually launched the first virtual storage operating system for mainframes as far back as the 1970s. But the potential to enable remote functions, eliminate the need to deploy and manage on-premise hardware and software, and the potential to access—and pay for—on-demand resources only when you need them, really kicked things off around the turn of the century. By 1999, launched with its “no software” motto and by 2010, Microsoft jumped onto the cloud bandwagon with its cloud-based Office 365 suite…

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The New SaaS: a Service?

By: Eric Dalessio

Today, customers simply expect more. We’re all used to online subscription models, whether it’s for a streaming service or food delivery. We enjoy the control and ability to manage them according to our needs. It’s becoming the same with support for enterprise network infrastructure and bandwidth. Users can now easily scale bandwidth up or down, at their preferred time periods, on a customized network that they fully control and manage.  Enterprise customers want that same level of autonomy for customer service and support…

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Telcos to TechCos: Operator
Transformation for a Digital Future

By: Ari Banerjee

In the rapidly changing telecommunications industry, communications service providers (CSPs) are constantly updating their operations and business to provide the best customer experience, dynamically evolve their digital ecosystems, and reach new levels of automation and security. This investment in digital transformation has revealed several necessities for CSPs looking to keep up with customers’ changing needs, as well as ensure they are getting the most out of new opportunities. This includes balancing speed, agility, risks, quality, and business value…

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Optimizing Telco Revenue with
Cloud-Optimized BSS

By: Matthew Halligan

Telcos have a goldmine in their backyard—dig deep enough, and they’ll find a treasure trove of customer information waiting to be unearthed, analyzed, and monetized. This customer information is particularly valuable because it comes in the form of real-time behavioral data that can identify high-value customers, predict subscriber churn, and pave the way for proactive retention tactics. These use cases are already well defined, if underutilized. But there’s more. The opportunity to identify customer interests and create personalized service packages to drive new revenue streams is where the real executive focus should be…

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Unlocking 5G Monetization with
Next-Generation Billing

By: James Messer

Fifth-generation mobile broadband technology, commonly known as 5G, creates new business opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) and cloud service providers. 5G technology improves the quality and capacity for voice communications and expands wireless data capabilities. The wireless broadband infrastructure can now handle large quantities of near real-time data, enabling new service models. With 5G, service providers are also adopting new fee and billing strategies that provide more potential for revenue and greater scalability…

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Empowering Warehouse Automation
with Wireless Networks

By: Don Gilbreath

Organizations’ indoor operations are under mounting pressure to advance their efficiency and productivity while lowering overhead costs. The pandemic has made the population’s purchasing behavior more virtual even as labor has become less available. In 2021, e-retail sales surpassed 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide, and this figure is expected to reach new heights in the coming years. Unsurprisingly, the pace of warehouse production is evolving, meaning more innovative processes and operations must be adopted to keep up with this demand…

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APIs: Empowering the Connectivity
Industry for Explosive Growth

By: Ben Edmond

As the demand for connectivity services continues to skyrocket, teams push for more integrated internal workflows, and trading partners look to provide seamless processes for an amazing client experience, network buyers and sellers are faced with new challenges. How can they provide fast, scalable services to each other, within their internal clients and all the way through to each other’s customers? In today’s cloud-centric digital world, speed, scale, analytics, and integrated experiences matter…

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Mitigating the Risks of Digital Transformation

By: Srini Addepalli

Digital transformation has brought about a significant change in the way enterprises function by leveraging technology to fundamentally alter the way businesses operate, interact with their customers, and manage their operations. The boom in hybrid work across enterprises initiated by the pandemic has shifted digital transformation from a key priority to mission critical.  With digital transformation, businesses can gain a host of benefits, such as automating routine tasks, optimizing supply chain management, using AI-powered chatbots to handle customer service interactions, and enabling employees around the world to work together on projects in real time…

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Open RAN – Where Are We?

By: Stefan Pongratz

Five years have passed since AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DoCoMo, and Orange founded the O-RAN Alliance back in 2018, with the mission to “reshape the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry towards more intelligent, open, virtualized, and fully interoperable mobile networks.” The O-RAN Alliance also envisioned that the O-RAN specifications would ultimately improve supplier diversity, user experience, RAN efficiencies, and operations by the carriers. As we just wrapped up the full-year results for the 2022 RAN market, the timing is right to review the progress—where are we in this journey to reshape the RAN? First, let’s review some definitions…

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Putting Network Resilience at the
Heart of Digital Transformation

By: Joshua Currin

A resilient, robust, and always-on network is critical to business success in today’s highly connected world. Such a network allows employees, engineers, and customers to work and perform essential day-to-day tasks. Any disruption to the network could result in a costly halt in business productivity and efficiency, not to mention untold damage to brand reputation. Nevertheless, many organizations pursuing digital transformation do not prioritize network resiliency. Research from Gartner shows that over 90 percent of businesses have some form of digital initiative, with 87 percent of senior business leaders stating that digitalization is a priority…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

We often take for granted all the technology that underpins our day-to-day lives and globally connected society. In fact, we carry more computing power in our pockets than the guidance computer NASA used for the Apollo 11 mission. Today’s smartphones are 5,000 times more powerful than the CRAY-2 supercomputer of the 1980s, designed for the United States Departments of Defense and Energy and intended for nuclear weapons research, among other things. It seems a bit silly when we gripe and moan because of a momentary glitch while streaming HBO's hit series Succession while we lie comfortably in bed…

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Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline

This month, the Pipeline news team has been scanning the ramparts for news stories in line with our issue theme of Automation & Support Systems—along with covering other innovative and dynamic news from across the tech industry. Oracle and Zoom Video Communications have expanded their collaboration to improve telehealth services, while Nokia has upgraded its AVA Energy efficiency software to help lower electricity consumption across CSP networks. Meanwhile, IBM and Wasabi Technologies are collaborating to drive data innovation across hybrid cloud environments…

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