SFR and Titan.ium Platform Partner to Reduce Phone Number Spoofing

Second Largest French Telecommunications Company SFR and Titan.ium Platform Partner to Reduce Phone Number Spoofing

SFR and Titan.ium Platform announced the successful production deployment of the Titan.ium STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) technology to combat fraudulent use of phone numbers. This successful collaboration between SFR and Titan.ium is a step toward full implementation of STIR/SHAKEN across the telecom industry worldwide.

SFR operates a high-speed, fixed, and mobile network across France serving more than 27 million individuals, businesses, communities, and operators.

This deployment of protocols in Titan.ium are used to authenticate calls and align with the MAN (Mécanisme d'Authentification des Numéros) program as mandated by ARCEP, the French telecommunications regulator.

Over the course of the past year, SFR and Titan.ium have worked together and proven end-to-end interoperability with other French operators – signing and validating call signatures to secure inter-operator voice traffic and combat phone number spoofing.

"The implementation of the Titan.ium STIR/SHAKEN technology is a key milestone in our commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of voice communications for our customers,” said Olivier Tailfer, chief technology officer, SFR. “This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to combating phone number spoofing by leveraging the latest technology."

“This deployment marks a significant advancement in the fight against fraudulent phone number usage and reinforces the commitment of both SFR and Titan.ium to deliver innovative, secure, and reliable telecommunications solutions,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO, Titan.ium Platform. “Through verification of the caller number, we are able to help deliver a better customer experience by reducing phone number spoofing.”

SFR chose Titan.ium based on its deployments of signature-based security in the U.S. and Canada, along with Titan.ium's flexibility in adapting to SFR's specific requirements and integration with the APNF (Association de Portabilité des Numéros Fixes) for the French operators' certificate lifecycle management.

Titan.ium’s STIR/SHAKEN technology authenticates and secures communications, helping businesses to safeguard their reputation by ensuring trust in every call by reducing phone number spoofing. The STIR/SHAKEN capability was added to the Titan platform that efficiently manages routing data over any industry protocol and across the largest fixed, mobile, and interconnect networks to provide an effective shield against fraudulent calls.

Source: SFR and Titan.ium Platform media announcement

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