Service Electric Cablevision and GOcare Partner to Improve DX

Service Electric Cablevision and GOcare Partner to Improve Digital Customer Experience

GOCare announced that Service Electric Cablevision has partnered with GOCare to simplify the lives of customer service agents and subscribers who prefer to communicate over digital channels - email, WebChat, and Social Media inquiries flow into the GOCare Connect UI and enable agents to quickly resolve customer issues on the first contact. 

By partnering with GOCare, Service Electric Cablevision enables a consistent messaging and Customer Experience process across their three Customer Care centers in Birdsboro, Sunbury, and Hazleton, PA.  Service Electric Cablevision customers will soon communicate over digital channels and enjoy self-help solutions that are convenient and easy to use.

“We are thrilled to introduce the GOCare platform to redefine customer interaction by providing a seamless and responsive channel that prioritizes customer satisfaction at every touchpoint,” said Scott Young, Director of Marketing, Service Electric Cablevision. “With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the user experience, GOCare delivers unparalleled support, ensuring swift, accurate, and personalized assistance to Service Electric customers.”

“GOCare is excited to partner with Service Electric Cablevision to simplify digital communications for their subscribers and agents alike. Consumer demand for digital channels like webchat, email, and social media is significant and growing. Failing to unify the channels adds to consumer friction and ultimately costs. GOCare unifies all digital communications to a single screen reducing in-bound calls and improving EBITDA”, stated Mike Roddy, CEO of GOCare. Our shared vision of improved customer experience and automation begins with this GOCare Connect deployment.” Mike concluded.

Source: GOCare media announcement

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