On Hold Can Now be Streamed Live

Easy on Hold Launches Cloud-Based SIP Stream Into TPX Communications

Custom Music and Content Services for TPX Callers On Hold Can Now be Streamed Live, No Device Required, from a Single Vendor

Easy On Hold announced that it has engineered a cloud-based music on hold queue SIP stream into Broadsoft-based TPX Communications, one of the nation's premier managed services providers. The achievement means that TPX customers can now load a live stream URL from Easy On Hold without a need for external devices. 

The solution solves four of the biggest hurdles of enterprise contact center and telecom teams:

  • Eliminating the need to manually load music on hold queue audio files 
  • Reducing 'points of failure' on networks by eliminating external devices whenever possible 
  • Consolidating services with one vendor
  • Streaming technology that allows end-user to use own content if desired

For end-users who do not have their own content, the EOH cloud-based SIP stream capability also includes features such as start and stop dates for promotional content, deployment of live emergency messages, content randomization, daypart greetings, higher-priority rotation for critical content, licensed hit music, and full-service scriptwriting and voiceover services.

"Before Easy On Hold, we had to send a physical USB to each location, plug it in, and load the content, etc." says Ryan Payment, CFO, Land Pro Equipment. "We switched to the TPX platform and that's when Easy On Hold mentioned streaming into our TPX system," Ryan recalled. "Switching to streaming was a pretty seamless process…just last month we onboarded the 20th location. I haven't heard any issues from our tech team along the way; (EOH) engineers were pretty on top of it."

"This is a leap forward for our company,'' says Founder and Vice President Tim Brown. "Many Broadsoft platforms, which include TPX Communications, can now offer their end users a robust, scalable and manageable way to stream live on hold music and content to their callers in the cloud, with no additional devices."

Brown says that more Broadsoft-based commercial applications are currently being tested in the EOH lab. "This win brings us closer to completing our goal of developing live music on hold streams for every major enterprise telecom and UC platform on the market today," he says.

Source: Easy On Hold media announcement


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