New Cyber Solution Enables Mobile Operators to Detect, Block Threats to Subscribers

Flash Networks has announced a new network-based security solution that it claims seamlessly integrates into mobile operators' network policy to answer the need of MNOs to provide subscriber protection

Flash Networks, the leading provider of mobile Internet optimization, security and engagement solutions today announced the addition of xtraArmor, a network-based security solution, to its vHarmony Platform. Flash Networks xtraArmor, is a clientless mobile threat detection and prevention solution that integrates seamlessly into mobile operators' network policy, expressly answering the needs of mobile operators.

Flash Networks xtraArmor is powered by technology from a leading global security vendor that operates one of the world's largest cyber intelligence networks, seeing more threats and protecting more customers from the next generation of attacks.

Flash Networks xtraArmor enables mobile operators to protect individual consumers, families, business customers and IoT devices from the ever-mounting security threats targeting in mobile and IoT devices. xtraArmor will detect, warn and block malicious traffic from reaching the mobile device. Flash Networks xtraArmor has been successfully trialed at several mobile operators around the globe and is now generally available for both COTS and fully virtualized (NVF) deployments.    

"xtraArmor is a fully virtualized, carrier-grade security enforcement solution designed specifically to combat new and evolving threats targeting todays mobile subscribers and IoT devices," said Ofer Gottfried, CEO at Flash Networks.  "Malicious actors are constantly expanding and altering attack vectors, with email threats, malware, ransomware and now IoT botnets targeting mobile devices, the danger is clear and present. We are extremely proud of our partnership and we stand ready to assist operators in deterring this growing menace"

Flash Networks xtraArmor benefits include:

  • For Consumers  
    • Remotely detect infected mobile devices and notify subscriber
    • Engage with subscriber to help quickly resolve security issues
  • For Families  
    • Ensure safe Internet experience for children and young adults Give concerned parents peace of mind by providing tools to manage and control access to the Internet
    • Restrict access to selected sites and content increase awareness through monitoring and alerts
  • Services for Small and Medium Business  
    • Enhance operators' business security portfolio
    • Protect devices when employees are out of office
    • Prevent infection of company servers and colleagues
  • For Things (IoT) 
    • Prevent infection of IoT devices
    • Isolation of infected devices and notification to device owners/supervisors
Source: Flash Networks media announcement


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