myDevices to Support Sprint IoT Factory Launch at CES

Sprint and myDevices Expand IoT Leadership with Launch of Sprint IoT Factory at CES 2018

  • Sprint’s leadership in IoT solutions for business clients reinforced by the new ‘Sprint IoT Factory’ ecommerce platform
  • The platform empowers makers, developers and system integrators to create innovative, finished IoT solutions; Business customers may then easily choose from packaged offerings and launch faster
  • Sprint IoT Factory reinforces Sprint’s leadership in converged business offerings and IoT – from unmatched wireless network spectrum holdings, global connectivity across wireline and wireless, a rich ecosystem of apps, world-class automotive telematics, smart city networks, automation/control systems and more   
Sprint (NYSE: S) will now enable business clients to more easily explore, select and rapidly implement powerful, finished IoT solutions with the debut of its new ‘Sprint IoT Factory’ ecommerce platform. Set for launch at CES® 2018, Sprint Factory reinforces Sprint’s growing global leadership in IoT and converged business offerings – from advantages in worldwide wireline and wireless connectivity across more than 200 countries, a rich ecosystem of apps, world-class automotive telematic solutions, mobile commerce, smart city networks, automation/control systems and more.
  • The Sprint Factory platform is enabled through a new strategic relationship with myDevices, the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that “simplifies the connected world” to accelerate the development and sales of finished IoT solutions.
  • Sprint Factory will leverage the strong capabilities of myDevices Cayenne IoT solution builder.
  • At CES® 2018, Sprint will demonstrate the flexibility and ease of use within Sprint IoT Factory – including cold chain monitoring. 

“As an industry, we’re just scratching the surface of how powerful IoT solutions can be when combined with the massive scale, world-class connectivity and advanced technology offered by a large telecommunication operator like Sprint,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices. “We are pleased to have the business relationship and domain expertise of Sprint to rapidly bring finished IoT solutions to real customers.”

“We’re delighted that the launch of Sprint IoT Factory with myDevices will further enable our business clients to select and very quickly implement innovative, finished IoT solutions according to their unique – and oftentimes complex – needs,” said Ivo Rook senior vice president of IoT for Sprint. “We’re also inspiring makers, developers and system integrators to rise to the business challenges of today and tomorrow. Combined with Sprint’s converged business solution and IoT advantages – from superior wireless network spectrum holdings, powerful worldwide wireline and wireless connectivity to an incredible influx of technological innovation and resources from SoftBank – we’re truly moving the needle for business into the future.”

Source: Sprint media announcement

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