ONUG Recognizes Dr. Radia Perlman with Contributions to Humanity Award

ONUG Recognizes Dr. Radia Perlman’s Achievements with Contributions to Humanity Award

Esteemed Leader in Computer Science Lauded for Her Indispensable Role in Global Internet and Network Development

ONUG, the voice of the Global 2000, announces it has bestowed its ‘Contributions to Humanity’ award to Dr. Radia Perlman, a leader in the field of computer science and the inventor of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Link State Routing, and the TRILL protocol. The award, conferred by the ONUG board during the ONUG Fall 2020, a global, digital enterprise cloud conference held October 14-15, 2020, honors Dr. Perlman for her achievements and vital contributions that have made a profound impact on the networking and Internet industry. Dr. Perlman is currently a Fellow with Dell Technologies. 

Dr. Perlman’s achievements are vast, with immense and positive effects on global Internet and network developments. The invention of STP launched the Internet revolution in enterprise networks — without this protocol, the industry would not have had bridges or switches, and the router market may never have developed into what it is today. Dr. Perlman has also made tremendous contributions to many other areas of network design and standardization, such as link-state routing protocols and more. Her numerous inventions and accomplishments provide businesses and individuals across the globe with the ability to communicate through networked computing technology and solutions, contributing to the transition of global commerce into the digital economy.  

“Dr. Perlman’s contributions helped build the foundation for the digital world we have today, serving as an example of how brilliant people working together can help change the world,” comments Nick Lippis, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of ONUG. “We’re thrilled to present this honor to a truly deserving member of the Internet and networking community, and we’re privileged to be able to help share her insights to a growing number of global IT and cloud professionals.” 

Dr. Perlman participated in and shared her perspectives at the ONUG Fall 2020 conference on a panel titled ‘Leadership in the Digital Age’, which focused on the importance of strong leadership skills as a fundamental means to success in the new technology-driven era. 

Dr. Perlman is the second individual in ONUG’s history to receive this honor. The first recipient was Dr. Robert Kahn who received this award for his work on the software code used to transmit data across the Internet and for his contributions to the digital revolution that has transformed global commerce, communications and entertainment. 

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Source: ONUG media announcement

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