Datavision Proves ONAP and MEF 3.0 Interoperability with BringCom and ADVA

Datavision Plays Key Role as Solutions Integrator in Virtualized uCPE with ONAP Orchestration for PoC Demonstration

Datavision announces that it has completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration showcasing the interoperability between ONAP and MEF 3.0 – Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) architecture, alongside BringCom and ADVA. The PoC demonstration, performed at the recent MEF Member Meeting in Athens, Greece, was developed to instantiate a firewall VNF onto the ADVA Ensemble Connector platform.

Serving as solutions integrator, Datavision partnered with BringCom on the demo that brings the cloud closer to the edge of the customer network and paves the way for more efficiency, agility and customer flexibility. The showcase featured provisioning of MEF 3.0 E-Line services using ONAP plus ADVA’s Ensemble Connector on a Kontron uCPE platform. In its release detailing the demo, ADVA noted that the PoC is a major accomplishment with extensive implications, demonstrating exactly how ONAP is well-positioned to transform the telecoms industry.

“We’ve had our fingers on the pulse of ONAP development since inception, with years of operational experience under our belt,” stated Mark Abolafia, COO of Datavision. “Our collaboration with MEF partner members on this successful demonstration is another critical step for Datavision and for the progress and implementation of open networking automation in general.”

Datavision is committed to the ONAP-based solution as it’s vital to the work the company is doing in SDN, and because it’s helping to economically deliver new network virtualization technologies to the world. Datavision brings hands-on integration work between ONAP components and the rest of a carrier’s or enterprise’s infrastructure. The company’s integration experience and software development capabilities help clients leverage ONAP in existing BSS/OSS systems.

Datavision is attending ITW, May 6–9 in Chicago.

Source: Datavision media announcement

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