Windstream Launches WE Connect Portal to Enhance UX

Windstream Enterprise’s new WE Connect portal is all about enhancing the user experience

Services, solutions and self-serve controls on a ‘single pane of glass’

Windstream Enterprises, a leading provider of advanced network communications, announced today that it is launching WE Connect, a unified services portal and mobile app uniquely designed to elevate the customer experience. 

WE Connect delivers on the elusive “single pane of glass,” positioning services such as SD-WAN, Cloud Security and OfficeSuite UC® Unified Communications together as solutions, not silos, alongside a rich pallet of self-service controls. 

“WE Connect allows customers to get the most out of their Windstream services,” said Layne Levine, president of Windstream Enterprise & Wholesale. “And it does that by delivering powerful, online, self-service controls in a singular, intuitive interface. The result is a user experience unlike any other in its class.”  

Users of WE Connect benefit from advanced analytics, customizable dashboards and applied AI/bot technology. WE Connect allows customers to create personalized experiences that align to the way they think and operate, surfacing important information and keeping vital business resources at their fingertips. 

“Windstream understands that our customers’ impressions of us will be largely established through digital engagement, and we’ve built the portal to reflect our connect, transform and elevate brand message,” Levine said.

Source: Windstream Enterprises media announcement


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