PIT Chile Deploys PacketLight's 800G Optical Solution

PIT Chile Utilizes PacketLight’s 800G Optical Solution for Data Center Interconnect in Santiago

Intuitive PL-2000T Transponder is Ideal for Self-installation due to COVID-19 Restrictions

PacketLight Networks, a leading provider of DWDM and optical fiber networking solutions, announced that PIT Chile, a major Internet Exchange Point (IXP) for major CDNs including Facebook, Fastly, Google, and Microsoft, and local Chilean ISPs businesses, has deployed PacketLight’s PL-2000T transponder to connect two of its data centers in Santiago, Chile.

PIT Chile required a high capacity and high-speed solution capable of supporting a 200G protected DCI link between two data centers in El Bosque and Santa Marta on three nodes of dark fiber. It also had to be easy to self-install due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions preventing on-premises PacketLight support.

The PL-2000T met all these needs, delivering high capacity transport of up to 8 x 100Gb Ethernet protocol with integrated EDFA and optical switch, as well as optional embedded physical layer encryption to support future requirements. Leveraging PacketLight’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for remote configuration, management and monitoring, PIT Chile installed the solution in mere minutes with minimal support from PacketLight’s team.

“The link between El Bosque and Santa Marta sites ensures more capacity, more resilience, and lower latency between the data center nodes so we can operate at full capacity without any service degradation to our customers,” said Ivan Žilić Schmidt, Director of Technology at PIT Chile. “Our experience with PacketLight Networks has exceeded expectations from the simplicity of installation to the quality of the DCI link.”

“We are thrilled to provide PIT Chile an intuitive solution capable of meeting their needs for high capacity DCI while being simple enough to install amidst the challenges created by the pandemic,” said Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight Networks. “The PL-2000T is an excellent representation of PacketLight’s carrier-grade solutions that are simple, cost-effective, and easily scalable to support pay-as-you-grow architecture.”

Source: PacketLight Networks media announcement


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