Mobileum Lands Grant to Advance 5G Risk Management

Mobileum partnering with Carnegie Mellon, INESC TEC and University of Coimbra to build the future of 5G risk management

Consortium was awarded a $2 Million investment grant from European Union to evolve Mobileum’s risk management platform 5G capabilities

Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and network services, telco security, risk management and testing and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a USD 2.1M (€1.8 million) R&D investment grant by the European Union to expand RAID risk management platform 5G capabilities, enhancing its capacity to scale revenue assurance, fraud management and network security programs as Telecom operators roll out 5G and advance their digital transformation agenda.

In January 2020, the EU published a Coordinated Risk Assessment Report on 5G, which highlighted important risk and security threats likely to appear and to become relevant with the emergence of 5G networks. Fraud risk, via phishing attacks, was highlighted as key area to be addressed. The Adaptive, Intelligent and Distributed Assurance Platform (AIDA) project aims to address 5G’s scalability and privacy challenges by enhancing RAID’s engines and expanding its automation capabilities. In particular, the project will be focusing on the following goals:

  • Leverage edge computing and 5G - to distribute RAID platform components to delegate processing to the edge or use central servers, according to the nature of the computation and the type and localization of monitoring and reference data.
  • Explore emergent federated machine learning techniques - to learn from local data and push incremental model updates to coordinator nodes that maintain global models based on the contribution of edge nodes and other relevant data sources.
  • Test resilience to intrusion or tampering - by requiring the research and application of intrusion detection techniques at multiple levels of the architecture, with the goal of enabling system-wide intrusion tolerance.
  • Protect data privacy and confidentiality – by maintaining the confidentiality of the operational data being monitored, analyzed, and protecting the privacy of the entities to whom the data refers.

“5G networks will demand unprecedented scalability, security and analytics capabilities, and data privacy guarantees in order to minimize fraud and security risks. This project aims to deliver an end-to-end 5G-ready fraud management platform that is based on the latest advances in machine learning, edge computing, and hybrid cloud architectures to protect networks for 5G and beyond,” commented Ricardo Vilaça, AIDA’s Mobileum Research Manager. “With AIDA project, Mobileum reinforces its position as the global leader in fraud management, revenue assurance and business assurance”

As part of the project, Mobileum will partner with INESC TEC (Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering, Technology and Science), The University of Coimbra, and Carnegie Mellon University. The project was selected as part of the Go Portugal - Global Science and technology partnership Portugal initiative, within the scope of the CMU Portugal Program. The European Union will be funding this project through the North Portugal Regional Operational Program, the COMPETE 2020, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), partner companies and the Carnegie Mellon University, in the frame of the CMU Portugal Program.

Mobileum’s RAID is an end-to-end telecom risk management solution that enables data collection, event monitoring and notification, discovery of patterns and trends, and corrective and preventive actions for telecommunications service providers around the globe. Designed to guarantee revenue, to improve business performance and to prevent fraud threats, RAID enables service providers to manage traditional communication services, such as voice and data, as well as the next generation of services brought by 5G and IoT. RAID is part of Mobileum’s broader Active Intelligence platform, which is the leading data analytics, AI-driven platform for the telecommunications industry. RAID is built on a cloud and micro-services architecture to provide unrivalled elasticity, scalability, and cost efficiency. Mobileum has been referenced many times by leading analysts, such as Gartner, for its AI/ML capabilities as applied to fraud management and assurance.

Source: Mobileum media announcement


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