Global Telecoms Team Up to Combat Voice Fraud at ITW

Global Wholesale Telecoms Carriers Sign a Code of Conduct to Combat Fraud in International Telecoms

BTS, Interoute, Sprint, Tele2, Telia Carrier, Telstra, MNF Group including TNZI, and Vodafone join 10 other Carriers and sign ITW Global Leaders’ Forum and i3forum’s Code of Conduct to collaborate to fight Voice fraud

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), a leadership body of the international Carrier industry and i3forum, a non-profit focused on supporting transformation in Carrier business, have announced that BTS, Interoute, Sprint, Tele2, Telia Carrier, Telstra, MNF Group including TNZI, and Vodafone have joined 10 other Carriers in an industry-led Code of Conduct to combat fraud in international telecoms. Each organisation that signs the Code of Conduct agrees to adhere to its principles and work together to limit the impact of fraud in the wholesale telecoms industry.

The Code of Conduct was launched by the GLF in partnership with i3forum in March 2018. It was developed to give all players across the global Carrier ecosystem steps for protecting their businesses and preventing fraudsters from profiting from criminal activity. Current participants to the Code are A1 Telekom Austria, BICS, BT, Colt, Deutsche Telekom ICSS, Etisalat, Orange, PCCW Global, Telefónica and Türk Telekom International.

“Fraud costs our industry billions of dollars annually. It impacts all of our businesses and it is critical that we work together to fight fraud. Each organisation that signs the Code of Conduct is taking action that will benefit the entire Carrier ecosystem. It shows their commitment to creating healthy and sustainable Carrier businesses that proactively protect their customers and partners,” said Daniel Kurgan, CEO of BICS, who leads the GLF fraud sub-committee. 

The Code of Conduct includes:

  • A commitment to monitor and report on fraudulent activity
  • Adhering to i3forum recommended processes to detect fraud
  • Blocking fraudulent number ranges and destinations
  • Taking the appropriate action to stop payment flows to those who commit fraud
  • A commitment to share information regarding fraudulent traffic flows with Carrier peers
  • Adopting standard contracting terms addressing fraudulent traffic management

“This is the first time Carriers from around the globe have come together to actively fight Voice fraud in the industry with a Code of Conduct. It is a simple way to get involved in the fight against fraud and gives our industry a common goal. Every Carrier should get in touch and sign the Code of Conduct. Together, we can have a lasting impact on the Carrier Ecosystem. Taking action could save you, and your customers and partners millions of dollars that are now lost to fraudsters,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman of i3forum.

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum and i3forum have made progress in defining fraud and identifying best practices in dealing with cases of fraud. The collaboration on the Code of Conduct from players across the industry will help drive the adoption of this across the ecosystem. 

Read the full Code of Conduct and the list of Carriers pledged to follow the principles at:

If you are interested in signing the Code of Conduct and joining the fight against Voice fraud get in touch:

Jussi Makela, GLF,

Philippe Millet, i3forum,

Source: i3forum media announcement

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