Eviden Accelerates the Business Journey to Gen AI

Eviden Launches Generative AI Acceleration Program to Help Organizations Leverage Full Potential of this New Technology

Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in digital, cloud, big data and security, announces its new Generative AI Acceleration Program to help businesses and organizations exploit, scale and leverage the power of Gen AI with complete trust.

Accelerating the Business Journey to Gen AI

With a unique positioning in Europe that spans the entire AI spectrum, from supercomputers (#1 in Europe and #3 worldwide1) to hybrid cloud and edge, Eviden has an unmatched depth of expertise and experience that brings together services, software and hardware.

Strengthened by 8,000 data and AI experts, the Generative AI Acceleration Program, part of Eviden’s global AI offering, will enable organizations to leverage Eviden’s end-to- end mastery of the AI value chain, including applications, data orchestration, model factory, infrastructure, and trust layers in one a tailor-made solution. The program is built on multiple Gen AI projects already conducted with numerous organizations across all verticals, and leverages Eviden’s Gen AI R&D experience with leading research consortiums worldwide.

Transforming the Generative AI possibility into reality

Consultative-driven, the acceleration program can support businesses across the full design-build-run process, covering everything from strategic workshops for use case prioritization and roadmapping, to guidance for secure architectural designs, and scalable deployment in production and operations.

The program will notably provide customers with a modular set of Accelerators, each being a pre-integrated solution blueprint, delivered through a combination of consultancy, GenAI tools, software and hardware. These are the following:

  • Industry Accelerators provide a library of pre-packaged proven use cases and templates for fast time to value. Users can harvest the advantages of Gen AI assisted support, client profiling, knowledge management and customer campaign management. Builder Accelerators provide advanced development and MLOPs (Machine Learning Operations) solutions to embed Gen AI into an organization’s specific products and processes. Businesses can reap the gains of automated code generation, test script creation, precise model refinement, and ensure LLM (Large Language Model) transparency and ethical use.

  • Model Accelerators provide trusted advisory and developments on hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, Google) and major data platforms (Databricks, SnowFlake,…), with over 19,500 hybrid cloud practitioners. Users can industrialize and scale their Gen AI applications into robust enterprise-class solutions through finely tuned and tailor-made Gen AI models.

  • Performance Accelerators provide low-latency, dedicated infrastructures when needed, on premise or as-a-service, from AI supercomputers to inference servers at the edge. Businesses can harness Eviden’s pioneering expertise in high- performance AI computing to elevate their performance.

  • Security Accelerators provide end-end-end security consulting, integration and operation, leveraging notably Eviden AIsaac Cyber Mesh managed security solution, which is powered by Gen AI. Users can benefit from Eviden's expertise in cybersecurity and managed security services.


The program is reinforced by strong partnerships with hyperscalers, AI ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and high-performance processing providers such as Nvidia, Intel and Graphcore, so that businesses can easily and readily benefit from these third-party solutions and services in their tailor-made Gen AI Accelerator program

“For all businesses today, the question is no longer about at which point Generative AI will be transformative. It is about how to move from the hype to reality before competitors do” said Wim Los, Chief Customer Officer, Eviden, Atos Group. “By bringing a cutting-edge alliance of solutions, we want to help organizations build their future, and design and run the Generative AI powered organizations of tomorrow. Our goal is to be their trusted partner, delivering actionable and collaborative innovation that matters.”

Source Atos media announcement


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