CENX is Selected as the Service Assurance for Wireless, Wireline and Cloud Environment

CENX Becomes Single Source of Service Assurance for Wireless, Wireline and Cloud Environments to Tier 1 Communications Service Provider

CENX to drive the transition to full automation across global physical and virtual networks

CENX, a global leader in next generation service assurance software, announces it has been selected by a leading Tier 1 Communication Service Provider (CSP) to serve as the single source of service assurance for wireless, wireline and cloud environments, facilitating a transition to full automation across the CSP's global network.

The CSP will utilize CENX 7, the latest iteration of its namesake hyper-scale assurance platform, which enables closed-loop assurance automation across virtual and hybrid networks. CENX has successfully deployed the next-gen solution across the entirety of the CSP's global network, which will help it increase network operations efficiency through completely automated processes.   

With CENX 7, the CSP can assure and monitor assets across multiple business segments, within one single-pane solution, allowing it to move away from its traditional operational support system (OSS) siloes. Rather than using centralized OSSs to provide a specific function across multiple domains, CENX enables the use of closed-loop solutions per domain. This solution monitors and analyzes the health of each individual domain, evaluates the root cause of any issues and triggers actions to mitigate these concerns automatically, without the need for manual input.  

"CENX is very excited to deploy CENX 7 for yet another Global Tier 1 CSP that is leading the way in network virtualization," said Jay McMullan, Senior Vice President at CENX. "The importance of service assurance and monitoring during a deluge of new network deployments, from SDN and NFV to 5G and IoT, cannot be understated. With the influx of emerging data-driven technologies, it is crucial for Tier 1 global providers to implement highly reliable automated processes and have access to a holistic view into their entire network. Siloed visibility adds unnecessary complexity to networks; CENX 7 eradicates these barriers, opens the gateway to true network automation and offers a simplified view of the entire network."

Source: CENX media announcement


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