Beam Bags 35,000 in Iridium Go! Orders for Mobile Satellite Devices

Beam Communications Receives Another
Iridium GO!® Order

This is now the fifth order received by Beam since commercial delivery in mid-2014, taking the total orders to 35,000 units

Irdium Go!Beam Communications Pty Ltd (Beam), a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited (ASX: WWR), has received a further order for 5,000 units of the Iridium GO!® product.

“This is now the fifth order received by Beam since commercial delivery of the product commenced in mid-2014, taking the total orders for the Iridium GO!® product to 35,000 units,” said Michael Capocchi, Beam Communications CEO.  “This further order reflects the increasing end-user demand for the device and the utility it provides to customers requiring a global voice, messaging and SOS solution all in one single unit.”

Based on the delivery schedule outlined by Beam’s customer, the entire order will be supplied in the second half of FY’19. Beam will have the capacity to accelerate deliveries on request.

The success of the Iridium GO!® is largely due to its capability to enable satellite connectivity to an Apple or Android smart device, via Wi-Fi. With the Iridium GO! app, users can make phone calls, send SMS, post on Twitter or activate SOS, in the event of an emergency, when configured. 

Mr. Capocchi adds, “The Iridium GO! allows users, such as everyday fishermen, hikers, remote travelers, off-roaders and grey nomads, to communicate over the Iridium network in remote locations where terrestrial connection is unavailable. It’s robust, lightweight and compact design makes it easy for any user to grab and go and connect anywhere in the world.”

Charles Werb, an adventurer and publisher of Outer Edge Magazine, has had the opportunity to take the Iridium GO! with him on four expeditions to date. Antarctica in 2016, Solomon Islands in 2016, Russia in 2017 and Iceland 2018. When asked about the Iridium GO! device, here’s what Charles had to say: “The Iridium GO! has become an integral part of my communication setup and the ease of operation allows me to keep in touch with my ground crew, media and family whilst I have been away. The Iridium GO! is a fantastic addition to an explorer’s 'MUST HAVE' list of items to carry.”

With the continued success of various apps supported on the Iridium GO!® device, including Exchange, Gmail and weather applications, the product now offers enhanced functionality, as well as proven reliability. Iridium will also be launching a new range of plans and promotional material to further enhance the promotion and success of the product for the coming years.

Source: Beam media announcement


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