Altice SFR Enriches Customer Experience with Amdocs Digital Solutions

Altice SFR Enhances Customer Experience with Agile and Innovative Digital Care and Commerce
Solution from Amdocs

Altice SFR to more quickly develop, monetize and roll out new products and services to its fixed line residential consumers
with Amdocs Digital Solutions

Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced that Altice SFR (Societe Francaise de Radiotelephonie), a subsidiary of Altice NV, aims to enrich customer experience, speed time to market and improve operational efficiencies with an open, digital customer management and commerce solution from Amdocs.

In order to thrive in the fast-paced world and meet its commitment to provide the best consumer experience with any content, anytime, anywhere on any device, Altice SFR is increasing the pace of introducing new and innovative products and services while also staying focused on reducing capital and operating expenses. With Amdocs, Altice SFR will modernize its IT architecture to introduce products and services to its residential market more quickly and with innovative, new business models.

To support the diversity of in-home entertainment services available now and as yet unimagined in the future, Amdocs digital solutions are open and modular, easily integrating with third-party applications. With a cloud-based architecture and intuitive front-end with responsive user interfaces, SFR can quickly on-board and launch new services to its fixed line residential customers across all channels.

Partnering with Amdocs and its professional services practice will help SFR enrich its customer experience and grow both profits and revenues by digitally transforming its business and expanding the innovative services available to residential subscribers. Amdocs Digital Solutions provide SFR with the flexibility and agility necessary to recommend the most relevant offerings to SFR customers in their preferred channels at any time.

“Altice SFR is wholly focused in creating differentiation in the market by offering its customers the best consumer experience with any content anytime, anywhere on any device. Amdocs is proud to be selected to help them fulfill this promise,” said Denis Bernaert, Vice-President and Customer Business Executive at Amdocs.

Source: Amdocs media announcement

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